Friday, May 01, 2015


Aunt Ginny and I had cardio appointments yesterday and our reports were both good. Her meds were all okay and Dr. Johnson reduced my amiodarone by half (100 mg once a day)! I'd had some swollen ankles a couple of evenings and he said, "Well, as we grow older our veins are not as strong as they once were." I've been wearing support knee hi's several days. Not today and they're good right now.

We haven't seen Amy in a while so after the OVs, we met her at nearby Wendy's for about 15 minutes - sooo good to see her!! Nothing like hugs and kisses from my sweetie - our sweetie!  She made selfies of her and Aunt Ginny, and we three.

Our appointments were mid afternoon, which is late for us with a 2-hour drive one way. We didn't get home till almost 7. I'd texted Tommy to ask him to let Oscar out, and he tried, but O wouldn't go out for him. He was okay though, I just hate for him to go that long without a potty break.

Beautiful spring! Has been wet enough for flowers and greening up, cool enough so we don't (I don't) smother, no humidity. Everything has been brilliant this year - we even had two or three yellow irises where we've had none before, just the green previously, not the blooms. Some spring snaps of the yard, Daddy Nick's old plow, the cats. (Lucy has disappeared for a few days. I guess it's warm enough she has started making her rounds. I was supposed to take her for annual shots today but I think they know the minute you make the call. No Lucy.)

And I found this at Food Depot's annual sale. $20. Couldn't resist. I know - I just gave Morgan my old Kenmore last year. I kinda missed it. Anyway, for $20 it's a fun thing to have and clean up - and it isn't computerized. I love my Viking and it's wonderful features and ease - but now I couldn't just not ask about this, right? It's about 22-25 years old. (My old Kenmore was about 45...)

Note the price of the thread.   Still strong, though, and a try-out for stitches on this. Looks like a place for cams, but no cams came with it - only one bobbin (I've since bought some - class 66), and one needed (bought some of those, too..) The head is metal, but not the top of it. Metal plate and bed, though.

I enhanced/cleaned up some of the fabric photos, and also included the backing, 2 border, and the binding fabric I got Tuesday at Treasure Chest.

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