Tuesday, May 12, 2015


First off, Paul went for his biopsy results and they had to send it back to lab for more tests. Which is bad, or maybe good, depending on how you think about it. Confirmation or rule out? The doctor himself is supposed to call. Yet, on the way home, the office let Paul know he has an appointment the 19th. I would hope for more organization than that. (The regular nurse was off Friday and no one got the message to let Paul know not to go for the visit. As things come to mind, right now, we just don't talk much about it. What can you do when you don't know anything. Pray.

Meanwhile, going through pictures... 

Tea kettle I got at yard sale a couple weeks ago.

And a tin box with buttons.

Shabby Chic!

Sewing treasures inside. The needles and scissors alone were worth what I paid for everything which was $12.

Sher's little balcony in West Springfield, VA.

I finally got to Moore's and bought my gift from Paul (Christmas gift certificate)!

Sher sent me this prize.

Dr.Jennifer Nichols Tucker DVM (left). Our Jenni. She'll be working at Animal's Choice where I take our Oscar, Barney, Thelma and Lucy.

Dr. Tucker.

Lazing in bed looking at the colors and fabrics in Mama Nick's quilt.

Oscar in a contemplative moment looking out the window.

Our new neighbors. Mr. Crowell got this electric fence up in no time! The miles will clean out all this growth where timber was cut.

My wygelia near the garage. (Didn't I put this on here earlier?)

 Roses on Mother's Day. My knockouts. They're abundant.

Amy came home and I made all her favorite things.

She brought me this repurposed quilt Ugg Lee doll. Love him! 

WMU meeting Monday. Discussing making simple dresses for a mission project. We plan to have a "sew day" in September. L-R Betty McKee (program; she also does the book club study), Jo Russell, Delores Rast (Shirley's sil - I was in Shirley's class '66); Emily Green.

One of Charlotte's doves. Second family of two so far this spring.  The other dove baby. The mom and dad doves equally care for them and raise as many as three broods in a spring. Always 2 in a brood.

Marianna's quilt. Carol asked if I knew someone who could make Marianna one for her little sister for school by August. After several questions (no piecing, just two solid pieces, front, back, and batting) I said I would. Will have to get someone else to do the girl's name. Or practice.

There must be a pig. I didn't even ask what it symbolizes.

Roses I took for the Red Hat meeting/lunch tables today. Jo, Quay Switcher and I were hostesses this time.  Jo had several beautiful crystal bowls.

The King Twins. They did "rap" to entertain us. At least my age - one said they were 9 in 1957, so, yes, 1948.  https://www.facebook.com/kingtwins They were so much fun!
 Queen Mother Mary Sue Wright on far end. Jo on far right; I can't remember the lady's name in middle.

A project Sher and I worked on as a surprise for Mel. Trip to Hawaii later this month. I wanted to post more picture, but they would be upside down every time. Don't know why.

So goes my week. I had a small filling yesterday, really a "patch" below a crown. Charlotte rode with me, always good company. Tomorrow I have nothing planned except Donna M will be here to clean. Thursday is book club (Water for Elephants).

I know we made pictures of us with Amy Mother's Day, but I think they're on the camera card. That'll be for another time. Also the locusts. They are loud and scattered all over the yard and in trees. Whatever cycle it is for them. Hope they're soon gone. Yard full of holes where they crawl out...

Sher was at a Senate hearing today to observe, she and another coworker. She sent me the time to watch on Cspan but I mssed it by a couple of hours. 

And I am bushed.

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