Thursday, April 23, 2015


Week has flown by! Wednesday I started this ~~~

By today I have three strips sewn together - three rows. Cutting out squares and later rectangles..

"Auditioning" - just how they came off the stack. Trying to see how best to distribute colors. This was yesterday (Wednesday).

And done...

Love the stacks! Paul asked, "How are you gonna tell how they go?" Stack and label... 

If it were a "true" pattern, I'm sure it wouldn't be this easy. Then again, I have some pre-cuts so I wouldn't have to cut out the squares. I have a kit from Panama City Quilting By the Bay I may try next.

Will see what has in the way of backing - they have 105" plus inch wide... I'll get Teresa at Treasure Chest to quilt it for me. I may try the binding myself this time... Or not - I'd have to buy fabric for it and she knows how much it takes and can do it faster than I can. It isn't hard, though.

Aunt Ginny has been having garbage trouble. Something has gotten into her garbage several times. She has tried putting a patio chair in front of it, wiring the handles together. The "thing" dragged it off about 100 yards this time (this is twice) and it has new teeth marks where it chewed the lid! Also one of the wires wasn't very tight, so "Thing" got into it and garbage was strewn all over her yard. Paul went over and found the can this evening. They put it in her utility room and locked the door. She's seen a stray dog. I saw one yesterday evening while I walking Oscar. I'm glad O didn't see it. I literally climbed the bank in front of the house to keep from meeting it - it was way up past AG's but they do run fast and O would choke if I had to pull him that hard! Country life...

I went to Historians of Tishomingo County meeting this afternoon - I didn't intend to stay the whole 2 hours, but it was interesting - Carrol Tuckier and Mrs. Jean Kimberly (ages 75 and 95 respectively) were interviewed by the HOTC members, and I asked a few questions. Mrs. K's mind is sharp as a tack.  Her daughter Jean Ann Kimberly was there with her (brought her) - she was in Paul's class. Saw her when they had their reunion was it just last summer? 

Brenda left a tad early to pick up Jo to go to Tupelo for the MFWC Convention. Ruth Ellen is driving down from Memphis. Sue was not at HOTC; blood pressure was high, not breathing well. I sure know the feeling. She was going Saturday, but not sure she will. 

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