Saturday, April 04, 2015


Aren't these pretty? Natural colors - Americana chickens, I think. A friend of Mike gave them to him, and he shared with me.

The bloomers of Patsyette's outfit.

Pretty pins.

Dress all finished. Yellow sash sets it off. Had a time with all the gathers around the bodice, so small; went back around the gathering lines with zig-zag stitching. Love all the stitches my machine will do. Folded behind her is an old quilt with ragged binding. Another project.

Bookends. The love the well of the hood.

Marsha and Mike's dog Max. Min-Pin.

New flock of chicks. Mike told me the name, black with white spots - Bar something; like Dominecker chickens, we used to call them. Barred Rock.

Proud rooster!

Over the back fence, looking at the creek behind Mike's house.

And this is Donkey-Donk. He knew he had visitors. Perky ears!

Mike loves his animals. Said DD is a good old boy.

DD giving Mike a hug - he really did put his chin on his shoulder and nuzzled Mike.

Velvety nose. Lots of little scars criss-crossing.

Dogwood trees behind our house. Almost open!

Evening shadows across the mossy front yard, beyond the spirea.


Ring of buttercups. They never bloom, maybe one bloom. Not enough sun or buried too deep under the pine needles. I don't think about uncovering them till they're already up. Red flags mark little buckey sprouts.

Across the road, SW of us - a tree blooming.

 Across the road, south of us. 


Barney checking out the culvert. He didn't go in, but Thelma has.

He's so big! His tail is beautiful.

Looking north at the house.


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