Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring has come and I nearly missed the flowers, but do have some; some of the kitties; Paul's car for the Car Club Dash Card for the car show. We finally got good shots today.

He put up the new ceiling fan/light fixture today. I helped more than I knew I could. Probably won't be able to move tomorrow - either one of us.

Tried three different medicines, had three come-aparts - one in cardiologist's office. The one I'm taking now is doing a good job (yesterday was a "skippy" day), but today I went to Walmart, the grocery store, stopped at Aunt Ginny's, helped with the fan, and made and printed pictures. My new med is amiodarone. It comes with "howevers." I will have to have blood labs periodically. Wednesday I go to get an echocardiogram - it's been a year since I had one and he wants to see how my heart is pumping, now strong it is, and check on the "slighly" leaky valve.

Some not good things - my good friend - both my good friends - Becky's sister Trish died March 12. Charlene had gotten better from heart valve (2) replacements, went to visit her daughter and family in Texas, broke her hip. Carolyn is finally home from the hospital (a good thing) and is recuperating at home with help from in-home PT and home health care. 

Just looking back... Beck, Mildred Carpenter, me, Carolyn.

Wally & Beck.

Me, Carolyn Hayes, Danielle Deere, Tommy Shirley, Vera Dawson, Wesley Davis, Norma Hawkins, Carolyn Henley, B. J. Lane. Front: Sharon Wingo, Cindy Holland, Becky Rauth.

And Beck's dad Mr. Buck Banks in the middle. Then, Carl Horton beside Carolyn Hayes, and Ron Cockmon between Wesley and BJ.

Carolyn... Caroline is what I always call her.

Girls' Christmas party at Mike's in Colt. Front: Lisa Best with Becky; then left to right - Ruby Huling, Kay Smith, Danielle Deere, me, Ruth Hafer, Vera Dawson, Carolyn Henley, Carolyn Hayes, Donna Tarbutton, Sharon Wingo, Cindy Holland. 

Trish Patterson (Mary Patricia); Tonya Patterson Oxner (Trish's daughter); Becky. Trish had aplastic anemia. She'd been in MD Anderson Hospital in Texas some, stayed with relatives in Texas, then got to come home. But in March she had to go to Little Rock to hospital but died at home with her family all there. She was a joy to be around - they all are. I know Becky will miss her so much; they were so close. She always had a smile and a laugh.

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