Friday, April 10, 2015


I don't ever remember having as much pollen in Wynne as we do here, but we are also surrounded by trees. The dogwoods were nearly open on Easter Sunday, but not quite. By Tuesday/Wednesday they were in full shining glory! So pretty! All the yellow pollen I think I heard is from pine trees and we do have an abundance of pines. It's a crop here. They cut, they replant, they grow, they cut...

Getting a rainy carwash. Pollen is right back on within a couple of hours.

Lucy hangs out at the house more than ever. She doesn't partake in horseplay (catplay, I guess), like Barney and Thelma do. But she has come in the back door a few times and last night even got to the kitchen. Still leery of Oscar, who, of course, wouldn't hurt her. But he chases her because she will run.

We rarely see them in the winter - they stay in the garage. But spring brings the play out in them!

In February the District III GFWC-MFWC was in Okolona... I didn't go. I still wasn't "myself" then but I sent my quilt and this scrapbook page from Sher's birthday book - and won 1st Place on both! Wow! 

April has been full of doctors' appointments. I was supposed to go to the eye doctor today, but I've had a stomach virus or something since Wednesday morning. Hit me suddenly after I ate breakfast, had coffee. Cramped for two and a half days, stomach sore. Coughing from pollen also has made it more sore. Better this afternoon. Didn't make the Club meeting or book club yesterday. Sure hate to miss. (Next book is Water for Elephants, which I've read. It's good. Is a movie - Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson - but I haven't seen it. Re-reading book on AFLIB check out.)

Tuesday we went to Tupelo for foot clinic - nothing else they can do with insole to make it better. It's about as good as it's gonna get - a lot of the foot problem is also sciatic nerve problem... Just make the best of it till I have to suck it up and get a shot, which I sure don't want to do and mess up my heart rythym!!!

Paul's PSA was still elevated so he is to have a biopsy May 5, outpatient. Dr. Milam thinks it may have to do with the cyst he had in there back in the fall - all that wearing of the catheter, inflammation, the cyst and scraping it from inside the prostate.  He went back to Tupelo Wednesday alone; they had called Tuesday morning to change his appointment unexpectedly. No reason for me to go back, which I wouldn't have felt like anyway...We have such fun.

Wednesday I go to Shoals for dentist appointment. Same dentist, new practice/location. Last Friday I went for my "routine" check-up at NMMC (Robertson), and got good lab results. That along with the amiodarone working makes me feel like a new person! Speaking of which I need to go take right now.

OK. Tuesday after we got back home, that evening, I went to a meeting of Historians of Tishomingo County - it was 2 hours and I made it fine. Only thing - it was cool in the library meeting room and that may be what set off the coughing. It was a fun meeting - 13 members there, many of whom I knew - Brenda, Betty Marlar, her daughter Jan Anglin, Opal Lovelace, Cindy Whitfield, Mary Sue Wright. 

OK, I might as well fess up - I am officially an old lady... I have begun playing with dolls. In fact, full disclosure - I have bought 5 American Girl dolls. And looking at an Adora doll on Amazon. (I have a gift certificate for that amount. And I got some of my "stash" money out of Homestead for the three last AG dolls I got. These are, left to right, Emma Joslyn, Caroline Eleanor, Ellen Grayson, Katherine Amelia (Kit), and Rebecca Suzanne. And Patsyette. (Mama looks like a doll, too, peeping out from behind them...)

Since I bought my fancy sewing machine last summer, I have just about outfitted a sewing room. I had my portable Singer before and the Kenmore (which I gave to Morgan), and odds and ends of old sewing notions. Now I have discovered it's so easy to shop for fabrics online, as well as other sewing needs. I haven't been disappointed in anything I've gotten from Shabby Fabrics,, Fat Quarter Shop or Craftsy. Also there's Treasure Chest in Corinth. Yummy fabrics! Now I just need to make these girls some dresses. Caroline, Kit and Becky are in their period dresses - the others are from the My American Girl - you choose the eye and hair color; they all come dressed the same.

Now if I can just get myself coordinated - heart beating good, no more stomach viruses or back problems (yeah, right on that)... I knew I'd never be bored when I retired.

Then there's this little girl... On my wish list. She comes with four pinafores for each season. And smells like baby powder, which I think I can handle. Twenty inches. Weighted body. Sigh. Well, see - since I lost all my sweet dolls in the house fire 55 years ago... I can do this. Amy's are in the attic - I will ask her to get them down sometime when she's here. Paul's back isn't fit for climbing in the attic.

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