Thursday, April 16, 2015


Coughing for a while now - alleries. Nose runny at times, cough drops heal. Flonase helps. Dry desert air would most help, also salt air from the bay. So I do the best i can with Flonase... 

Monday I visited the ENT doctor who comes to Corinth one day a week - Dr. Mont Berry. I tell him of my sinus surgery 10 years ago, we talk and discover he is good friends with Dr. Shane Smith who did that surgery. Small world. So the stuffy nose on the right side is, as I knew, deviated septum. I'm going to try the "nose cones" which do from the inside what breathing strips do from the outside. The other alternative is surgery and he said he could help me a lot, which I don't doubt, but I have no desire for surgery of any kind, especially with the afib, the meds I take. 

Tuesday Paul and I helped with a family dinner at church after a funeral. We were gone about 4 hours and I took frequent sit-down breaks. I enjoy the company of the other workers and helping, but it sure hurts my back, legs and feet.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment in Muscle Shoals and Charlotte went with me. Dr Gillespie's new office - really pretty. Beautiful new equipment, friendly staff. They don't do the warm hand wax, but almond oil and heated "mittens," which is so comforting. I asked if Charlotte could be treated also, and they graciously gloved her up and she got to watch my cleaning! What fun! But she and the hygienist (and I occasionally) had a good conversation. It went fast. Only one problem - the filling between edge of crown on bottom right and the gum line was so loose it came out when she prodded it for tenderness. So I have to have that fixed on the 29th. It doesn't hurt, and possibly I can get by without having a shot. 

Charlotte and I ate at 5 Guys and shopped at Hobby Lobby. Home by about 4:30. Tired, but a good day.

Paul drove the church bush yesterday evening and that took about 4 hours by the time he picked up kids, waited for AWANAS to be over and took them home. Sad thing is there were only two! And they attend the church across the road from them! Which doesn't have youth/children activities... 

Rained again last night. The flower/tree colors are so pretty, fresh and vivid. It was cool again this morning and has been overcast since the morning rain. 

I have "ingredients" to make a bag for Amy from fabric I know she will like. Post pix later. Watched Missouri Quilt Star video about how to, and seems very simple. So glad for online shopping and Amazon!  

I also have lots of other ingredients for other projects. I can't seem to get to them for some reason! I need to shower soon and go get my hair cut. I always go wet-haired. The sink at Janie's is too high or contorted for my back. 

Lucy came all the way in the house this morning, as if she'd waked from a dream or shock - after two years of being outside, this is the first time she's come into the house this far! She looked and acted right at home! I had to hide phone cords from her, though, for fear she would remember how she liked to chew them.

Irises need some fertilizer. Will try to remember to do this fall.

"Fern Bank." Wild ferns, and the little creek bed runs full when it rains. Behind the house at the hill bottom.

Japanese maple behind the house.

Crab apple trees near the road.

Oscar waiting for "orders." (Door needs some work!) Mama Nick's clothes basket.

These next few are of the shrubs in Martha and James ("Kissem") Grisham's yard, across the street from Charlotte. The house behind the orange bush (don't know what it is), is the house on Pearl Street where Brenda lived from about age 9, and her dad and stepmother lived. I spent many hours there.

Charlotte's tulips her son and family gave her for Christmas.

Fabric I got yesterday for Rebecca's dress and pinafore. Picture colors don't do it justice. Tried to get the gold flecks to show up. Need to enhance it some.

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