Sunday, March 08, 2015


I spent my birthday under the influence of cardizem. Trying to get my heart rhythm in one that doesn't 1)worry me senseless, 2)cause me anxiety, 3)make me so weak I can't do anything, 4)doesn't cause lightheaded ness and faint feeling ( near miss yesterday), is not easy. I have so many notes for cardio doctor I've got to organize. My pulse was as low as 35, and bp in double digit numbers top & bottom, all day Friday, with absolutely no strength, heavy arms, and a heart rhythm that was like a slow drum. But I had a birthday and I'm very grateful for that. Saturday & Sunday I went back to a lower dose of same med (which I didn't realize was the same thing until after I got it- cardio dr had given me the 120, local PCP  had rxd the 240.

Aunt Ginny had a trip to the ER yesterday. She was dehydrated. They gave her IV drip, did some tests, let her go home. She had not had a stroke.  Paul & Glenda took her. David & Sandra met them at the ER.

I have a roast in the crock pot, Lima beans cooked, potatoes to mash. Paul will be home from church in a bit. In fact, he's about 30 minutes late. Ordinarily we're out about 11:10.

Talked to and texted Sher this a m.  

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