Thursday, March 05, 2015


The ice storm of a couple weeks ago... We only lost power about 4 hours that night. Trees were crystalized in ice for a few days, but the roads were pretty clear from day one.

  Old Highway 25 traveling south.

The "Yellow Creek" RR near our house. It's used so little that I'd say never used. Sometimes a rail car will be sitting on the side rail.

Aunt Ginny's circle drive, and driveway, next picture.

Sweet gum balls everywhere. Have to watch where we step if we go down there or can easily roll and fall down. Watch every step.
Our spirea, from the front porch. Our road beyond the trees.

Then we had a visitor - "it" finished up the cats' food that was left. Paul said it wouldn't scare off, but the second time he showed up, I shooed him off with the big Ford umbrella.

I think he was waiting for an invitation. Was not shy.

And Thelma paid us a visit as she does occasionally. And she's a super watch-cat. She just sat on the chair cushion on the carport and watched the possum eat the leftovers. Lucy will come just inside the back door but Oscar has always been her nemesis and she goes right out. If Barney is hanging around the carport, she isn't quite "at home." He kind of rules the roost as far as the "girls" go and those two have never gee-hawed.

I haven't done anything to these pictures - SOOC - straight out of camera. There is a bird on the end of one of the branches below. (I'm doing all this on the laptop in the den.)

 I threw out some bird feed for them. Several came for dinner.

  Jonquils' brave little shoots.

Tiger in Winter... Barney

The "creek" behind the house.

So sorry for all the people stranded on interstate in Kentucky and other places, for hours. So much bad winter weather, ice, snow... 

I'm trying a different heart med - Cardizem, which I realized after I got to the pharmacy, I had tried before, but in a lower dosage, per Dr. Johnson. 120 mg first time, 240 this time. Time release... Saw Dr. Robertson yesterday; he took a lot of time and we talked a good bit. I had had a come-apart with the nurse, then with him. The PVCs and recurring although not-as-bad Afib keeps me anxious all the time. Hoping this will work. I had adjusted the Rythmol a time or two and it "worked," but the side effects were keeping me "all tore up." Schedule every 8 hours and I had a clock set in bedroom for 5 a.m. when I took first dose (got up to the 225 mg 3x a day), went back to bed, so could sleep off some of that side effect. But during the day, and even after the early a.m. dose, was so hyper and anxious... I told the nurse yesterday it was hard acting normal all the time, when everything was off kilter. So this is once a day. Hoping it works with few side effects.

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