Thursday, January 29, 2015


I hand-printed in calligraphy a similar label for my quilt, but I had misspelled the quilter's name. Happened to see it on her store site. (Treasure Chest, Corinth). So I read about how to make them and came across ideas for just printing them. This worked out pretty well. I probably should have used thicker fabric for the label, as the ink absorbed through somewhat. It should be a black border, but it's kind of gray. But it's on and looks decent. I may enter the quilt in the District Convention Arts and Crafts (GFWC-MFWC) in Pontotoc. Well, I have just noticed!!!! When I printed the labels, the font size evidently was too big and I cut off Teresa's city of Corinth. Back to the computer... Anyway, I wasn't completely satisfied with the stitches - I thought a gray thread around the label wouldn't be so noticeable, but it is. Good grief. No one would know but me. But I know. Just bad luck with Teresa's information! I thought I did a pretty good job since the sashing was all straight; but she made it gorgeous.

Fabrics Amy got at a thrift shop and gave me for Christmas. Three of them had "foxing" (age stains, as in books). So I'm not using them; they're a little more vivid hues, too, than the rest of the pastels. All fat quarters. Can get 2 layer cakes, 2 jelly roll strips and 5 charms out of a fat quarter. Good way to mix them up. Have to remember seam allowances!

All washed, flat, rolled in towel, hung to dry.  Would make a pretty strip quilt, too.

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