Saturday, January 24, 2015


Missed these New Year's Eve pictures of me and Sher. Played Scrabble the night before she left.

The day we went to Tupelo (last week, 1/22) we crossed the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway near Tishomingo and these barges were being pushed. No traffic, so we stopped, I got out and made these pictures from the side of the bridge. Those barges are huge - and DEEP!  If loaded they would be sitting way down in the water. 

I think the left barge (gray) had a load. It's lower than the others. Powerful little tugboat. Its name was Honest Bob or Honest Ed, Honest, something.

This morning was misty....

Love Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey. Read on FB today that next year will be the last season. And this year's is almost over, already. 

Been folding fabric to see what I have and can use and coordinate! Some I'd forgotten about. This I bought last week at Treasure Chest in Corinth, though. Teresa had a lot of pretty things half price. I usually get a yard of whatever it is I'm buying.

Normally drawn to red, but these Christmas blues were so pretty...  Did get reds as you can see. All was half price. Teresa has really nice quilting fabrics.

Borrowed from April Huling's FB page. I think Ruby (her mother) pastor's wife made this for someone from shirts of the person's deceased dad. I have some shirts of Mama's and a pair of PJs I need to make into a memory bear. Or two.

The day we went to get Paul's truck. We had stopped at a quick stop for coffee. It was rainy that day.

I think I've shown this recently. I didn't look back to see. Mama's Log Cabin block.

The sun was so pretty coming in on the Girl. Of course, I can't capture it - it was an "aura."

 And this.

I'm so glad I folded all this - it's on comic book boards.

Love fabric with printed words. Also Birds, Jean!

This morning's little snow. It was gone very soon. Aren't nature colors just beautiful?

The front door still has the old screen on it; this is the top part. (The bottom is like shutters, I forget the name for it.)

Thelma's cozy visit.  What do you mean, I can't stay here all day! Well, she didn't. But she's on the quilt on the living room sofa now. A treat for her. I believe she would melt and ooze if you petted her long enough. She is the most loving cat!

Finally, the Braverman Family. I don't think I've missed any episode. This is the final season, next week-the final episode.  I care about all of them. Pretty evident from Thursday's episode (which Sher and I watched last night on DVR) that the emotional scenes were really emotional for them. And Aaron Neville's "Ave Maria!!" In the link given here, I actually got to see Max out of character. He's such a neat young man. They all are great actors. Link also shows "Opie."  Now. Grown. The question mark under Amber - little Zeek. Zeek and Camille's great grandson... But Hank (Ray Romano) Sarah's soon-to-be husband isn't on here... Maybe they'll update this! I hope Crosby will be okay. He loved the Luncheonette. I suppose we fans will always wonder and make up their after-stories! Thanks, Opie.

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