Friday, February 20, 2015


More bad weather on the way. Thirty-two for an hour this afternoon. Everything is slick with ice. I sewed so long yesterday I have major mid-back pain and wearing a Heat Wrap. Tuesday night our power was off for four hours and thankfully we had the gas logs as back up. The electric blower didn't work, of course, but we had plenty of heat. I went to bed in my flannel lined jeans and two shirts, wool socks, but about the time I settled in, the power came back on. Electric blanket sure felt good and I put on pj bottoms.

I worked on my sewing machine cover, got it ready to put all the sides together and we needed to get ready for the Car Club meeting and eat at Lil Smokies, so I had to put it away. Probably a good thing or I really couldn't move today. The food was good, service much faster than at Homestead (at least once at H we ordered around 6:30, didn't get our food til after 8:00! So it was decided to move the meeting place. Very pleased with turn around time. But I did sit next to an outside wall and kept my coat on. After we got home, my very skin hurt; I took an Aleve and then my sleep med and went to bed around 9. Today, the pain is all in my upper back just above shoulder blades, in the middle.

Some things that have happened since last post. I always have good intentions of keeping current. I used to. Well, there's just so much to do and it takes me longer! ha

At Harmony Methodist Church's women's retreat there is always an abundance of door prizes. The one I got made me clap my hands! Handmade and embellished.

The beginning layout of the top of my sewing machine cover. All I lack is assembling now - all the big pieces. I played with it a lot. It's really big; I cut it off two inches around the bottom, but it's a dust cover... And I had fun trying different machine stitches. Unique...

Superman throw I cut and tied for Matt's birthday.

Club meeting at Maxine's on February 12. I lost all sense of how to operate my camera! ha So I didn't get many pictures. Sue and Cindy.

Ruth Ellen and Jo.

Zenobia (glad to have her back after being sick), and Brenda.

Zenobia was the program leader on stopping hunger.

Fredda, Sue, Joy, Maxine.

Cindy, Maxine, Joy, Sue.

Maxine was hostess. I got her recipe for "Elizabeth cake," which was delicious.

Valentine Party at Tishomingo Industries. Fredda made two huge pans of spaghetti and we all had that with applesauce and toasted bread. Joy and I made cookies. I think one whole pan of spaghetti was left and she divided it among all six of us who worked that day.

Jo's daughter Vickie was the Valentine Queen!

 Cindy serving extra bread to some clients. She's a sweet, wonderful young lady. (Indeed, they all are, but none of us as young as she is!)

Getting ready to make crafts.

Paul Whitlock's daughter Amy.

Busy making goodie bags.

I enjoyed helping Shawn and Kathy.

Fredda filling the bags with candies.

They all loved showing off their art work.

Me, Jo, Fredda, Sue, Brenda, Cindy. Love these ladies.

Sunday we went to Memphis to take Matt and Amy to lunch for his birthday. And it was his 50th! (on the 18th). Familiar signs.

Getting to the "prize."

Oh, I know what this is!

 Heart for Amy from Pray Pottery. Her signature emblem.

Poor Oscar - was so excited, new place, excited to see Amy. So excited he bit her. Started the visit off just great. Three places on her hand. Hurt her feelings. He seems to be thinking, "What have I done?"

The "chimnea tent."

We ate at Bryant's which is on Summer, and just a small place with the best food. They don't serve "lunch" on Sundays, so Amy and I had the huge breakfast bowl (grits, scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, and cheese, all heaped together, piping hot! Wonderful! Paul had regular breakfast and Matt had tenderloin sandwich. We got there about 1:30; they close at 2:00, and we were the last to leve.

At Walnut I think. Paul stopped for bathroom. This was sitting beside the store - now it's an antique.

And the phone boxes are empty.

Another empty one in Corinth.

Home. Sunset.

Tuesday morning's ice. The outdoor fan.

Valentine flowers Paul ordered for me (arrived 2 days before Valentine's). They fully opened by the weekend. I was surprised! Very sweet.

Meanwhile, outside... Our drive toward the county road.

Spirea frozen solid.

Mama Nick's coal oil lamp.

And you know you're getting old when you want a doll to "play" with. This is ELLEN GRAYSON NICHOLS. Ellen for grandma Goobie, Grayson for Teri's middle name. Planning to make doll clothes. I chose her features to look as much like Amy as possible, except I didn't want long hair. This is long enough although I wouldn't be messing with it like a child would. It's just a good length.

Quilted "stitch in the ditch" the top of the cover.

Mercy, it's huge! Looks like a small bus. In fact, that's what I put on the label I'll sew inside it. I cut it off two inches; oh, I said that.

I played with stitches on the back side - they're all the same on the side that shows - wavy vertical lines.

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