Friday, January 02, 2015


I finished up 2014's blog last night and got it "sent" to the printers. I always think I'll write every day, but I guess that's too much pressure on myself. Keeping up with photos isn't the easiest thing - for me anyway, who takes so many and almost can't delete even the bad ones. 

After I finished with this, I ordered my online meds. Six of them. And need a new RX for another, which I requested today, via the website. During the day yesterday I ordered a mattress topper for Amy's bed and an electric blanket for Sher's. I've found that even on low, the e-blanket on Amy's bed can get pretty warm. We sleep with the heat turned down to 66, so it's nice sleeping temperature. I just hate for my feet to get cold. This morning I ordered O's Hills Science u/d prescription dog food. Then I went to Tommy and Carol's to feed their pets. I even managed to get Revolution (cat med) on Lucy, and Barney, who never cares. Lucy's tail is about to get well, but it looks as though she will have a hairless patch on the underside. It was a pretty bad injury and I'm glad I could get what spray med on it I could. I also ordered Prime Pantry items - laundry detergent, cat foods (both kinds), heavy things not always available at Walmart here in Iuka. 

Missing Sher. Missing Amy. Seeing Amy Sunday at Jessica's shower. Don't know when Sher and I will be together again.  Amy and I ordered a crock pot and some bakeware from Bed Bath and Beyond for her. Had it delivered to her address on file. The delivery window seemed narrow to me, but I guess it would have gotten here in time. Sandra has had the flu, but is better, still fighting sinus infection and being tired. 

Going to start on Sher's scarves - two pieces of fabric we got at Hobby Lobby - will divide and each have a scarf. I made her one of Eiffel Tower print she took with her - infinity scarf. She does love them. I wear with coats, but of course, she still dresses for work! Tomorrow she and Melanie are meeting in Miami to drive to Key West for I think 4 days. Lovely temps there - low 80's. It's 43 here but has rained, damp and overcast. January weather is gearing up.

On my to do list:
1. Wash bedspread and shams on our bed at laundromat.
2. Clean out pantry - again
3. Clean out living room coat closet
4. The scarves
5. Quilt for Amy from pieces of fabric (all clean) she got for me at Goodwill

Five is enough for now.

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