Saturday, January 03, 2015


Rain all day, blustery, blowy day - much more rain south of us. Thankful for heat, lights, warmth, being dry. Occurs to me not everyone is so... Lord, let them find shelter and warmth, food. 

Hasn't been a good day for "fibro" whatever this is that I hurt all over. I'm thankful all during Christmas I was able to do and go.

Jess's bridal shower is tomorrow but Amy isn't coming.  She and Adam had 12 cases yesterday/today, plus she had two at Canale. Tired. Bad weather. Long trips, there and back in one day. 

Aunt Ginny made Mother Ruth's (her mother's) orange cake today and Paul went over to get some of it. Of course, she sent half of it. It's so good - moist and orangey. I'm picking her up at 1:30 for the shower tomorrow. 

Made a small dent in organizing fabric which was in kind of disarray in my little trunk. Refolding some, putting in storage drawers in "sewing room," I'm going to repaint this in the spring. Aqua all over the white and design. Leaving the red print fabric top.

It's only just after 7:00 and I'm sleepy/tired, but really too early to go to bed... But I guess not if you're sleepy/tired. Just got text from Sher - she and Melanie are staying at Homestead Air Reserve base housing on their trip to Key West. 

Sunday School lesson on Ezra. He was determined: he studied, practiced and taught God's word. Hoping I will be determined and read on through the One Year NLT Bible this year. 

Miss my sister... When we saw Diane Tuesday, we drove the loop around the Pink House, Burnt House place... I guess the quickest trip we've made. And who knows? Maybe the last one we feel the need to make. It has helped to go back and go back. If we hadn't, I think the ghosts would still be hanging around that hilltop and the barn, but I do believe we have dispelled them... It's a better feeling.

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