Thursday, January 01, 2015


My goal was to finish Christmas pictures by 12/31, but I didn't make it. I need to get my blog sent to the "printer," Blog2Print. Some final highlights of Christmas.  Sher left this morning about 5 a m. I didn't get up, she wanted to just quietly leave, but she did ask about locking the back door. I told her how then just rolled over and slept till after 8. It was wonderful to sleep. I have a new room. I was sleeping in the "sewing room." Now I'm gonna use Amy's room - with the electric blanket on her bed, almost total darkness and no noise. Well, that's what it boils down to sometimes: you do what you have to to get a good night's sleep. 

The Three Amigos. Tommy got Paul's shirt for him, unbeknownst to Paul, although he was with Tommy when he bought it!

Very busy day - after Christmas breakfast at David and Sandra's, we came home and then ate dinner around 2:30! Aunt Ginny came after she had been by Glenda and Emory's. The easiest meal I fix is crock pot roast, potatoes and carrots... That was our Christmas dinner. By that time we needed to go to Mike's to take Tyler and Tuesday's gifts to them, so off we went, and stayed there about an hour. Toys and pop-up play castles and ships! I got Ty Tinker Toys and made Tuesday a crib size flannel rag quilt. I was still going full steam - by the grace of God I had made it almost through Christmas day... and continued to do so until the day after Sher and I went to see Diane Paulk and then on to Hobby Lobby. I was exhausted yesterday (12/31). So on with Christmas, though...

Flannel "owl" rag quilt I made for Tuesday.

Lincoln Logs for Tyler.

She wants no part of this tall man!

One of many things they will assemble over the years!

One of Teri's tricks!

Twigs from around the house.

Old Christmas pictures.

My grocery cart! We each didn't know about the grocery cart theme this year!

Oooooh Noooooo! Mr. Bill!

I made these pillow cases for them - Superman and Wonder Woman!

Grocery Cart Book - finally!

You got a Mr. Bill, too, Oscar. 

Amy loooooves Dexter.

Not enough chili!

Desk top drum set! What could be more annoying!

Super yard vac.

Amy and Matt's big surprise for Paul - a back pack leaf blower!

Steve and Sher - She's showing him where she lives in Virginia, relative to DC.

With great niece Tuesday.

The Brothers-Sisters photo, with Dexter.

Tuesday and great aunt Sherron.

Melanie made one of these laminated on canvas for Sher, me and Amy.

Amy made this memory charm necklace for me - I put the "pieces" together and it was sweet realizing it was in memory of Mama - things she liked, her initials, birthstone, artist's palette (which Matt also got for Amy - a Pandora charm)... So she and Melanie both made remembrances of their grandmother for us - their daughters - this year. So sweet. Sher and I have such good daughters. Our thoughts seemed to travel on the same cloud this year - about Mama, about fun times together...

More of Sher's hot feet.

Nate with some of his gift certificate/money purchases.

More of Melanie's talent!

Sher, me, Charlotte - we watched 100-Foot Journey.

Me, Sher and Diane Paulk.

Bext Buds since first grade at Threets.

Ready for the rain.

Hot footsy feet. And Oscar's favorite place to be with Sher. He has the right idea. Time for bed!

Happy New Year to all - 2015 is here! Praying everyone will stay well, healthy, creative, walk with God, and have a wonderful year.

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