Saturday, January 17, 2015


Monday I went to WMU. Tuesday I went with Paul to see his cardiologist. (He got a good check up and thumbs up from Dr. Gupta for quitting smoking!) Wednesday Paul went truck shopping - first to Decatur, then to Muscle Shoals (Long-Lewis). Thursday we went for me to sign the papers on the Ford FX2 Sport he traded for (with heated/cooled seats and remote entry to warm up for cold old bones). Friday we went to Tupelo again for Paul's stress test and calcium CT scan. Yes, some calcification. Did good on treadmill (I wasn't in there with him but in the waiting room freezing.) He doesn't have to go back to the doctor until July. The tech did call about his stress test and CT scan, but didn't have information on the CT of his legs. Where the whole problem began. But they'll call him next week...

I've lost a space heater. I ordered it and Amazon FedEx tracking says it was delivered Tuesday. They either delivered to wrong place or someone got it off the porch. Tracking said front porch. They never leave anything on the front porch - always at the back/carport. I notified Amazon.

This morning I cleaned out the freezer section of the old fridge on the carport. Ice cream had melted and puddled. Everything else was frozen. Except last week, the back I'd frozen in strips was limp. I threw that away. I don't know what happened. Meats I didn't keep. Veggies seemed okay. Ice cream goolash went in the trash. I pattied out the last package of bacon and it seems to have frozen today. 

I folded more fabric. I can only stand up so long before my foot and leg start burning and hurting. But I got a lot done. Seems I have to have things in order before I can "play," which includes sewing. My problem is that I want to have big blocks of time to finish things, but that isn't possible any more, especially with a quilt. 

Sher sent me the prints of Mon St. Michel (near Normandy, NW France) when she was there last fall. I had them framed. She also sent the conch shell (carved and I guess dyed as I've never seen one that color) from Key West. I never go that far away, but I always get neat things from her! Naturally I had to create a vignette.

Paul's new truck. And! And! It has a moon roof! "Oh, you don't need a moon roof," he told me when I specced out mine. And I believed him! Just kidding. It just happened to be on this truck.

From this...

To this...

Probably make a cushion cover from this one Log Cabin square. I've attributed it to Mama, but I never saw any other fabric she had in these colors/patterns. Maybe someone gave it to her for a pattern. I like to think it's of her making, though. And, yes, the center should be red.

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