Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Sunday afternoon Paul and I went to our great niece's first birthday. Tuesday Sara-Grace is so sweet and cute... It was a cold, rainy afternoon, but it was so much fun seeing her with her. 

She can't let go of the ball! Doesn't get the concept yet.Cousin Tyler and Grandmommy trying to help.

Tyler is finding out the hard way that he's growing up!

Well, he did make it, sort of. And I think his boots on are the wrong feet. What kid doesn't do that! So cute.

Tuesday is trying to help or go for a ride. Steven, Tyler's dad, checking out the back.

"But I don't think we'll both fit!"

Guys figuring it out. Paul, Mike, Steven.

This is all mine?

Tyler helping blow out the candle.

I can really make this mess, Daddy?

Yummy cupcakes. Grandmommy baked the goodies.

Always in motion.

Give baby kiss!

She loved the bright pink, crinkly paper.

...and reading the cards. She actually looked at every one handed to her.

Granddaddy (Mike) and Tyler.

Boxes are always fun. Look at Tyler's beautiful curly hair!

Daddy's girl.

Grandmommy Marsha, Tyler, Heather, Tuesday, Ben.

Heather taped the tutu to the chair tray.

Sweet little family! Happy, Happy Birthday, Tuesday!

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