Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Last of the golden days of fall. After Thanksgiving, the weather is pretty much not my cuppa tea. Had a good Thanksgiving at Aunt Ginny's. The nieces-in-law furnished side dishes; Aunt Ginny got the deli at Pig bake the turkey breast (meaning Marsha), and AG made the dressing. Another blessed year with families. Friday after, Mike, Marsha and Steve came over for a while. They'd had grandkids (MM had), Steve had computer trouble and borrowed my system installation disks from my 6 YO computer. (They didn't work.) Amy's little dog Dexter and Oscar got along well, after a few nips and scrabbles, establishing boundaries. Oscar just looks at me as if to say, "What am I supposed to do?" I tell him, "It's okay. You're a good boy." Dexter is really laid back and likes to play, which O knows nothing about with dogs. Matt had to go home Thanksgiving night, work Friday. Amy stayed till Sunday and I cried when she left. Was not a big girl this time... 

Aunt Ginny, Marianna, Sandra, Jenni, Billy; me, Tommy, Amy, Carol, Matt, David, Paul.

Aunt Ginny and her three nephews.

Jenni got cut off in this one. (I think Paul made the picture...)

But here she is... Aunt Ginny and three of her great nieces.

Matt and Amy.

 Amy and Tommy - moer like an older brother to her than an uncle.

Paul and Dexter. D really took a shine to Paul.

 And vice versa.

Oscar just waits patiently...

Aunt Margaret's Christmas Cactus.

Paul, Steve, Mike.

Looking at Black Friday ads.

Marsha just reading the rest of the Vidette.

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