Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I went to Red Hats yesterday and had a good time. We all told a little about ourselves and since I had not been in a while, got to learn more about the sweet ladies in the group. Then I delivered pecans to David's office, went by the library, duh, it's closed (and thank you VETERANS for your service! and those now serving!) 

I have moved myself into my sewing room to see if I can sleep better. So far the last two nights I haven't much, except that it's so QUIET (no radio on). Oscar found me during the night last night and slept in the middle of the bed so I could hardly move around. All day today I've been chilled - not sure from what - I think the heat was too high last night - I got up sometime in the wee hours and it was on 72! We usually turn it down to 68 or even 67. My nose was itchy-scratchy on the right side this morning. A week or so ago, it gave me fits on the left side. I should use Flonase every day. I bought an air purifier - I have so much paper, ink, fabric in "my" two rooms, it's a wonder I can even see, much less runny nose.  The very things I love to do are running me out!

I came back here to look at a quilt pattern order which I haven't received, or didn't have sense enough to download, and emailed someone out there about it. Read Tara's blog and got caught up - didn't realize it had been so long! Over a year! But I thought she had quit, so I quit checking. (Maybe same thing happens here...)

Book club is tomorrow and I did finish The Reivers. It was good, and I can say I have read Faulkner. Also our club meeting is tomorrow night and I hope I feel like going. I've been taking diltiazem (cardizem) for almost a week, and so far so good. Except I wondered today if that is what caused me to feel chilled all day. BP was fine, no temp. Just felt so cold. Maybe the blood thinner. Maybe age. Maybe heat not high enough. Maybe not enough sweaters. 

I talked to Laura Booker today (my cousin-in-law); Ricky isn't doing very well. Then Salinda called and they're at Paden. She and I, Patsy and Edwina may try to meet at Lil Smokies Friday at 1:00 for lunch. Friday morning I have to take O to vet's to see about re-x-raying left front leg. It's mostly better, but I have to give him Metacam every day, and I didn't today... It hurts to see our "little ones" hurt like we do. We know how it feels. 

Thank You, Lord, for this day. Thank You for forgiveness. Thank You for blessings. Thank You that Aunt Ginny made salmon croquettes and a chocolate pie and brought us lunch. Thank You for every blessing.

Emmy attends Idlewild School. Sweet!

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