Saturday, November 01, 2014


There has to be an easier way to download pictures from my phone besides emailing them to myself. Oh, there is - I've done it; I just don't think about it when it's time to use those pictures on here or store them on my burgeoning hard drive.

Some highlights from the past week.

Lunch at Fredda's with 7 of us classmates - Front: Fredda, Susie, Sandra, Linda (who lives in Jacksonville, AR); back: me, Brenda, Ann.

Kitchen window frames the fall colors.

At the end of our driveway, across the road. The colors have been glorious this year and I've had a time choosing fall colors for a quilt! That's a "five and dime" project. (Use charm pack and layer cake.)


See what I mean? So many colors. You can't capture the sunshine in fabric, though.

Cat contemplations.

Waiting for the mail.

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