Saturday, November 01, 2014


I would have another quilt started. I need a pattern, but I don't want a pattern. I have my online fabric store cart full of too many beautiful fall fabrics. (There is a quilting shop in Corinth; I'm picking up my Midnight in the Garden quilt Tuesday. Treasure Chest has beautiful fabrics...) So I just look and look and oh, here's a pattern, but it looks too difficult. I really want to do a scrap/strip quilt, so if I can decide on a sane amount of fabric, I will start one before all these beautiful fall leaves hit the ground with a dull brown thud.

Meanwhile, around the house and over at Harmony Church; Oscar and I took a ride the other day. (He's soooo much better from his surgery. So is Paul and we actually both went to Sunday School and church together for the first time since some time in August! Thank You, Lord!)

Borrowed idea from Alicia Paulson at Rosy Little Things. Only fall colors.

She did this from a computerized cross-stitch pattern she made up.

Paris in Autumn. As well as other places Sher traveled to during October. She always sends me postcards and I was surprised these came before she got home. Leaves from our yard.

Too little to see over the dash and legs not long enough to prop himself up on it.

Repurposed cable boxes discarded by Walmart. I had to get larger Command strips. Slowing adding items, expecting them to fall down again. If they do this time, wasn't meant to be. 

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