Sunday, October 19, 2014


I had my meltdown for the day. Oh, Lord, poor Dr. Brad. Poor Paul. Poor Oscar. It is my DUTY to give that dog his medicine! I am obsessing over it, I know. But I cannot get it down his throat. Tomorrow I will have to get liquid antibiotic for him. And pain reliever (tramydol). I have nursed and taken care of and worried and dressed and given medicine, and this is not even what some people have to do! Sometimes I think I'm just losing it. I know everything can't be sweet and uneventful and pleasant and calm all the time. God help me deal with these things. It seems to be more difficult the older I get. It's "losing control."  It's knowing I can't fix everything. I am not dealing with aging and illness very well.

These pretty things happened along the way, though:

Dogwood berries.

Some of the last of the summer roses.

Sedum (house leak)

Naked Lady.


Sweet friend Emily and her husband Al came to mow our yard when Paul was sick.

Little cuddle time.


Resting after surgery. He and Dex did pretty well together after a few skirmishes.

Amy and her baby Dexter.

He really took up with Paul.

Dexter nearly walked Amy's legs off!

Lots of energy!

Purr-fect camoflage.

Lone crabapple.

Paul sold this truck today.

The ivy Charlotte gave me this summer. 

Christmas cactus - Paul took it to the garage for the winter. Hopefully it will survive. The greenest on the right is Aunt Margaret's and is getting buds on the ends of the leaves.

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