Saturday, November 01, 2014


Paul and I picked Oscar up this morning and we're home. I haven't seen his incision entirely, but he has staples that have to come out in two weeks. The little lump on his chest was just a little fatty thing. I gave O his antibiotics (cephalexin) this morning and a pain pill (Tramodil - sp) and he's slept/rested most of the day. Every time he goes out he ends up straining to pee more. He does pee clear, then it turns pink, then he tries again, and again. I finally have to coax him back in. It'll get better, but he isn't chirpy. Aunt Ginny called to see if we'd gotten him home.

Amy took her little dog Dexter to a new vet today and learned Dex does NOT have heart worms! She called me bawling and I though, oh, no - they're going to have to put him down! But she was so relieved not to have to put him (and herself) through heart worm treatment. She's coming home this evening. That'll be a fun time - a new "friend" for Oscar to get to know, and not feeling his best anyway. I guess we will keep them both on leashes. 

Paul's little toe is practically well. His middle toe is red/raw, but not blue. I'm dressing it still, but he said it burned bad this morning when I put the ointment on it.

It's been a pretty quiet and a beautiful fall day - weather, color... Paul drove around a bit and stopped and talked to Mike and Steve, who are painting Mike's house. They were waiting for paint that Marsha was bringing from Corinth. 

I just got up to go get my camera for a picture upload, and ended up dusting. So I'm back without the picture card... 

Thursday, October 30

Got his stitches out. Looks great. Peeing great. Leg is bothering him again. Trying to give him tramodol any way I can think to get it into his mouth, but he absolutely hates it. So today (Saturday 11/1) I went to the drug store and got a syringe that comes apart. Dissolve, add Karo syrup, dose him like I do with Metacam... 

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