Sunday, September 07, 2014


Paul has a UTI. Was really bad by the time we say the doctor the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend. We first thought it was a stomach virus because his stomach cramped so bad. But it didn't get better over the weekend and Tuesday we went, he got diagnosed and got antibiotics. Wednesday was really no better, gradually was in more and more pain. Back Thursday and the nurses put in a catheter. It immediately relieved his pain (he was in tears!) and drained 24 ounces off. His prostate is swollen and probably that's the culprit, what started the UTI. He has an appointment later this month with his urologist to follow up on the problem he had a couple of years ago. I'm sure that will be high on this list in light of this infection. He (we) go back Wednesday to get the catheter out, and I'm praying it doesn't recur. CT scan (previously scheduled follow-up) on the 15th, urologist on the 23rd. (My cardio appointment is the 25th.) 

Whoever said when you retire, you look at the calendar to see whose turn it is for a doctor's appointment, was right.

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