Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Lists don't always follow chronology of time. But here are a few things I've been doing.

Today I went with/took Paul to the clinic to see what his ailment is - he has a UTI. He got a liter of saline in the office, an injection of rocephin and the NP told him to come back by 4 this afternoon if he didn't pee by then. He did, though. He starts his oral med for the infection tomorrow. One weak kitty - has been sick since Saturday. He and Tommy were going to Starkville to MS State ballgame, but it hit him all of a sudden and he was down. Being a holiday yesterday, and being that he didn't want to go to the ER, I started calling the clinic at 8:00 this morning. They're not there till 8:30. I got a 9:15 appointment, though. 

I haven't read past posts, so I don't know if I showed my new sewing machine. But here it is, also the new sewing "nook" I redid for it in the front SW bedroom. I also bought a cart "in case" I carried the machine somewhere, like to a class... What was I thinking?  I can hardly pick up the cart! And it's on rollers! So I'm taking it back for store credit, hopefully, and possibly see about a sewing chair. So now, as I told Sher, I have a two-room studio suite with room for a guest. I cleaned out everything on the floor of that bedroom closet and organized all my sewing supplies. I gave my old Kenmore (37 years old) to Morgan. It was sad to see it go, but I'm excited to start actually learning how to use my new machine, the likes of which I've never had before! IF I ever went to a sewing class, I'd take my little Singer...

Yesterday was seven years since Mama died. Sometimes I want to talk to her so bad. She would be so happy we were back "home." 

 Cleaning up and organizing.

Who remembers Caboodles? I have two.

Needles and miscellaneous.

I think Mama made this, I'm not sure, but it was in her things.

Same Caboodle.

This good old Kenmore sewed a million miles of seams... Clothes, dolls, church banner (which I thoroughly blessed because it was so bulky, forgive me, Lord.), The case in front of the "wheels" have scissor point marks from a fit of frustration. I stabbed it about six or eight times. Poor thing. Metal. What was I thinking? Oh, yes, passing on to others; making room for something new. Loved it.

Cabbage Patch dolls were big in the day...

And despite the scissor marks and abundant frustration, it was a rainbow day when I finished a project. "Sew" many things on this machine. Hope Morgan enjoys it. She said she'd rather have an older machine - simpler. I still had its instruction book.

Now my sewing corner is set up and the "floor lamp" is my creation - Teri's plant stand, and a lamp that sat on top of the old machine cabinet. Good old incandescent light. The LED hurts my eyes.

Sauder cabinet I ordered from Amazon. Paul put it together; has lots of storage. It has a place for the machine on the middle bottom shelf, but I won't ever put it down there (because I can't being the main reason) unless someone stays in this room. Plan - "plan," mind you - to make a pretty cover for the machine. It does have a case.

Storage in the bottom of the closet. So many clothes in here need to be donated.

Making a little vignette. Always want it to look "nice." Building playhouse. Saw the photo of the woman with the sewing machine on her head on a FB quilting group page. It's a reminder to be grateful.  Mama's note to me about blocks she sent me to help her with Sher's quilt. Mama died seven years ago yesterday. 

Old GE iron; have to manually turn it off. That or reach over behind the machine every time to unplug the newer iron, which does turn itself off, but I don't trust it; and it hurts my back to bend over and unplug it. 

Sashing and cornerstones (which you can't see). Reminder to self: "Do not sew black on black, or use black, as the eyes ain't what they used to be." I'm sure this isn't good quilt fabric, but it's what I knew at the time and it's an experimental quilt - a learning quilt.

My stack of blocks to make look like the one above. Then I'll have to watch to Youtube video again to see how to square them and join them all. I'm spatially challenged.

Kept the Cabbage Patch, and my name.

An old wooden school desk brother Steve gave me. The round box is a cheese box from days when Arkansas Electric staff member... oh, what was his name!? ("Names are the first to go. I would argue with that, but that's high on the list of things to go) brought cheese to the office for Christmas. Forrest City would get 1/3, Augusta and Moro also 1/3's. Crackers, too. Good times. I lucked up and got this one and Paul stained and varnished it for me - a thread box.

Jo and I worked on the 2014-16 Yearbook for Twentieth Century Club and I got her the final corrected pages of the draft, which I think is going to be okay, this morning.

Emory (Jones), Glenda's husband, is out of CCU and in a step down room, may be there for two weeks, then hopefully to Iuka, either the hospital, or home. Had bladder surgery and complications. Paul and I went a couple of weeks ago one day and saw her and Sammy, her brother, who was there with her at the time. Brought back some memories, though Mama was in CCU or ICU for only one or two nights. Still...

Sher has about run her legs off doing things in DC and has now booked a flight/trip to see her friend Lou who is now in Italy, teaching at the American School. October. Sher is hardly ever still, but my goodness at the places she's seen and things she's done. She's always had a hunger to learn and is a sponge. I have, too, but I'm not as energetic or have the stamina she does!

So goodnight, sweet dreams and God bless you. I hope to "keep up;" I always hope that. But I eventually find my way back here.  God is good; I pray for grace to grow old without being too much of a crybaby. When things like Paul's UTI happen, I immediately think the worse, think of Glenda staying in CCU waiting area four weeks; think of things that Paul does here that I can't; think of Oscar and who would take care of him, especially with his temperament. I guess Amy... I hope Amy. Well, we can't make ourselves crazy and weird thinking about things that may never happen.

God bless our Nation. Give wisdom to our leaders, strength to our defenders, unity to our citizens, help us be more compassionate, not divisive, but remembering how and why this nation was established and on Whose Word it was built. 

Ben Carson, MD for President? 

OK, good night.

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