Saturday, August 02, 2014


If it were all about the quilt, I wouldn't be thinking about the next one. We have plenty of quilts. We should never get cold unless climate change does us in. (This July has been one of the mildest I ever remember...)

It's about color, symmetry, rhythm, precision, thinking, solving problems, sharing with other quilters, satisfaction in the finished quilt.  Not that I have a finished one yet, but I'm working on the one I started two years ago in the class that didn't finish. Now I'm on a hunt for a better sewing machine that does a lot of automatic functions, like cutting the thread, foot up or down position, fabric thickness, type of foot required... Not necessarily an embroidery function, but a few would be nice; and not a quilting machine because I know a quilter.

30" X 30" not including the sashing and border. Six-inch finished blocks.

With sashing. Really makes the blocks pop.

Solid rose color is the border. Green is the back, which I would never have thought to use, but the quilt/fabric shop owner with lots of experience and "eye" thought it picked up the green leaves and stems. She will quilt it and put the binding on it; couple of months' waiting list.
The back looks way more yellow/tan than it is. It's a pretty spring green and the floral will sort of pick up the flower leaves.

So I've prewashed all this and need to press it. I found a 1/4" presser foot I had no idea I had or even what it was... So much I've forgotten or didn't know. Neat re-learning things or learning new. The ladies on Quilting Bee on Facebook have been helpful with suggestions, reading their comments to other beginners, seeing pictures of all the quilts. I've always loved fabric and used to have quite a stash. It isn't so big any more but hopefully one day soon, or a few more weeks, I'll feel up to going to JoAnn's, Hancocks, or Hobby Lobby. 

Yesterday I had an eye exam - eye pressure  check only - the assistant/technician did that and then I waited, and waited and waited - an hour an a half later I asked one of the ladies how much longer it would be and within about 5 minutes the doctor came in with tales of other peoples' woeful eye emergencies. I think there's no excuse for having to wait that long. I think the girls should have alerted him that my pressure was good and all he had to do was his 5 minute deal and I'd be out. My skin was crawling by the time I saw him.  I won't make another appointment on Monday or Friday. My next one is Tuesday, December 2.

And my eye pressure was better than it's been in years. 12 in each eye. Go figure. Thankful I can see.

Up now to put on fresh purple hull peas and fresh Ambrosia sweet corn for lunch; from Bren and Jim's garden.

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