Wednesday, August 06, 2014


I got the first row sashed/stripped together! It is not all about the quilt, as I said. It is also about patience, acceptance of not-so-perfection, overlooking faults (my own as well as in the quilt!), art and did I already say therapy? It is also about shoulder and back pain, listening to one of my favorite CDs (As Good As It Gets), and gratefulness that I can actually figure out this thing and able to do it! It isn't perfect, as I say, the back has rows going this way and that and I've taken out the equivalent of a whole row I'm sure. But here it is...

I suppose cornerstones are "worth it," though a lot of extra work. Not sure they were necessary in this black border since I used black, but at least I know how to do them now. Might have been better to use some of the rose, but I didn't plan on enough of that for them, only the border next to the black. I got this row done today, so maybe with practice I'll get faster, and maybe even have all the blocks together by this time next week.

It would be so nice to have a machine that just starts sewing and auto cuts the tails off... Needle up/down button. 

I'm calling it "Midnight in the Garden."

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