Sunday, July 06, 2014


This was an up and down week. First of all, I suppose I was under some kind of impression that I would be back to my old self within 2 or 3 days. That wasn't so. The cough and breathing difficulty I had got worse by Thursday an Paul took me to our PCP here. Reassured no fluid, no clots, probably some panic. Meanwhile, just prior, Nurse Haynes called to say yes, I can take Robitussin for the cough, which has helped very much. I can tell I'm stronger every day, which isn't to say I was very strong beforehand because of curtailed activity, but I'm getting there. I can walk up our 4 back steps now without heaving for air. July 4 and 5 were wonderful weather days - cool and not humid. Today I think it's going to e warmer. I've slept better the last 3 nights since I saw Dr. Robertson here - and he said yes, leave off the cpap for a couple of nights - it smothers me plus irritates my windpipe. This has been no piece of cake. My heart has beat fast at times; I've only taken one extra flecainide at night and looking back wonder if I should have at all. My left leg especially (sciatica) gets restless at night, and it seems to be in conjunction with any skipped heart beats. Just a little electrifying sensation to keep me awake, so I've taken extra xanax a couple of nights. You do what you have to. Last night I slept from about 9:30 to 5 with the extra "pinch" and then 2 more hours. My naps are in my glider rocker; I walk on the carport and sometimes to the deck. I haven't been as far as the mailbox or the log road because of the incline back to the house. I've started lifting can's of chicken broth to strengthen my arms, shoulders and chest. Sixty-six year olds just don't bounce back like younguns from surgery. I remember how weak my upper body was when I broke my ankle and couldn't walk on crutches. I was 61 then. Five years ago July 4.

But thank God I'm making it and hoping for better, stronger, less worrisome days! Going to take a shower when Paul gets home from SS and church. My class has been so good - checking on me, flowers, cards, calls, texts. We are so blessed. This is a bump in the road, and hopefully after the ablation scar tissue forms, I won't have those afibs, or as many, or as long, as strong, as tiring. Praying they will go away completely.

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