Thursday, July 10, 2014


Tuesday the cough was just about to get me and I took two doses of Robitussin too close together - I'm sure that's what started the afib. Pulse 120s, 110s, etc. Could not get my breath, couldn't walk to the truck to go to the ER. Paul called the ambulance. I dissolved one nitro pill then another under my tongue. I had just taken my night meds. After four hours in the ER, an IV push of zofran and then phenergan plus a meclazine, I recovered enough to come home around midnight, just as the bottom fell out of the sky and we had an inch and a half of rain that night. I'm sure I was drunk on cough med plus whatever other ingredients it has to make my heart race. I have not taken any since. 

In fact, after yesterday's "lost day" (I slept till 10 a.m.), and lay around most of the day, today I felt as well as I have since the surgery. Showered, put on make-up. Aunt Ginny cooked us dinner of veggies and chicken tenders, fresh tomatoes. Had a lovely dozy nap in the recliner. My cough is better this evening; I just got back inside from a stroll around the yard, making pictures, petting Thelma. Paul and I had bacon, tomato sandwich (him), cornbread (me) and I had a Klondike bar. Thankful for the little things.

I'm reading a book about Almina Carnarvon, the "real" lady of Highclere Castle (upon which Downton Abbey is based), Countess of Carnarvon. Very interesting. Their lives were almost militarily orchestrated, even the "downstairs" people. A whole other world...

Sher has been in her new job at the Pentagon for a week (tomorrow), and should be fit as a fiddle from all the walking she does - to the express bus stop, to the building, to her office, to lunch, using stairs instead of escalators or elevators. It is strictly off limits for any photos, so I haven't a clue what she sees. Someday, maybe, I can go visit and she'll sign us up for a tour. We shall see.

Glad from Fredda when she and Sam brought supper June 29. (Sure wish I could wash these windows!)

Paul putting away our flag at the end of the Fourth. A quiet day here, though he did grill burgers and we took one to Aunt Ginny.

Thelma stays close to the house and deck.

Paul has worked in the yard and has everything trim and neat. He even marked off our property lines just to have something to do. I think it was the mathematical aspect as well as just having that linear visual...

Rose of Sharon (Lily Bush)

Blackeyed Susans.

The deck, looking north.

Someone zooming by on their 4-wheeler.

Tiny roses.

Blackyed Susans by the deck.

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