Thursday, June 19, 2014


I've been waking up extra early, like 5 a.m. Sometimes I can doze off again, not this morning. Oscar out to potty, feed him; feed Thelma, Lucy, Barney, always Thelma. Paul zapped weeds this morning with the sprayer pump; I made a few pictures before it got too hot. Treated Lucy to some catnip - she ate hers! The other two just rolled around in it. I haven't checked back outside on her; hope she didn't get loopy. Probably the most fun she's had since we put her outdoors.

I don't know what these yellow flowers are - i call them wild daisies. First time to come up here, or first time we've just let them grow. This is the area "we" mostly Paul cleaned out and trimmed a few weeks ago. These flowers came up on the west side of the house last year after the loggers cut trees adjacent to us. Guess thy need lots of sun.

A little difference in lighting on next two.

Plants from Charlotte's yard.

Just a few weeks ago shortly after putting in pot.

The Low Garden with light patch on the path to Aunt Ginny's house.

Hostas from Mama or from City Hall in Wynne...

This was distressed; I painted it green with pink roses, it was awful. So I re-destressed it. Mama gave it to me years ago.

Fun with catnip!

Little cat tongue licks!

Tommy called Paul - the "boys" are going to Pickwick to eat supper, although we ate about an hour and a half ago. Mostly for the company with brothers, he went, which is the best reason - Paul, David and Tommy. So I took a short walk in the yard (so humid!), and of course can't resist the evening sunlight.

I don't know what any of these 3 plants are. Charlotte told methe two green ones but I forgot. Don't know about the purple.

Fog on lens.

Light on fallen tree.

Sunlight leaking out of the woods.

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