Thursday, June 19, 2014


New pictures in email from one of Paul's class members:

This group photo shows everyone! Brenda thinks JoAnne Phifer Horton's husband took this (David Horton), standing on a chair, plus he is taller than me and Sandra (who stood on a chair, but she is a good 5 inches shorter than me!). Paul went to school with most of these folks and was in Scouts with many of the boys, from 4th grade. Several came from county schools: Central being the most; Pleasant Ridge (P-Ridge).

Barbara, Linda, Connie, Brenda.Charlie Counce in background.

DeeDee, JoAnne, Suzanne, Paul in backbround; Connie Curtis to right.

Glenn Bugg was class president.

Charlie Counce (Nellie Murrah's husband, class of '65), Glenn, Earl, Joe, JoAnne, Eddie, Donnie.

Tressie, Peggy, Melvin Pounders, Mimi, Betty, Nellie, Anne, Donnie, Paul. 

Eddie, Tommy, Reba, Richard.

Hayden, Donnie, Jerry, Joe, Earl, Eddie, Sam, Glenn.

Sarah, Jennie, Richard.

Carol Nixon, Nellie Murrah, Doug Dixon, Connie Curtis, just part of Salinda, my cousin.

Jerry and Eddie sharing big laugh. Behind are Richard Dexter and Roy Brown, Carolyn Cutshall Brown's husband.

JoAnne, Brenda, Barbara.

Terry Lambert, JoAnne, Terry's wife.

JoAnne, Sarah, Roberta.

Joe, JoAnne, Eddie (BTW, Eddie retired from the Tishomingo Electric Power Association, a RUS co-op, but TVA generated power). Donnie Brown.

Fredda and Sam. I didn't know they had dated in high school. Went on to marry others. Sam lived in Australia for 26 years. 


Carole, JoAnne, Tommy, Mimi, Roberta. Tommy's wife Diane Dean was class of '65, but wasn't there. 

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