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It wasn't the 50th reunion, that looks kinda strange. But the 50th anniversary, I should say.

So... the rest of the afternoon - Salinda, Richard, Paul and I went by to see Aunt Polly at Tishomingo Living Center. Then they went to Walmart and visited his brother, and we went home and rested!

At 6:00 we gathered at Homestead for more visiting. There were more class members there who hadn't bee at the park earlier in the day. 

Ok, here goes: Connie Hudson (all girls' names maiden names if single last name); Terry Lambert, Tommy Dean, Sandra Curtis Bugg (class of '66, mine), Glenn Bugg, husband.

Paul, back of Tommy Drake, Eddie Thomas, Jerry Holly I think, Connie.

Paul, Joe Robinson, Eddie, Jerry.

Reba Gray, husband I think; last lady is Suzanne Pruitt and her husband to her right. (?)

Facing: Jennie Osborn, Peggy Cornelison Wadkins, Tressie Grisham.

Sam McCune, Jerry Holly, Eddie Thomas.

Frank (Eddie's brother) standing, Brenda Brown Irwin, Billie Burk Thomas (Frank & Eddie's mother; she is 98 I believe) and "danced with her pointy finger and her cane when the Playboys played!); Joe Robinson shaking her hand, Mimi Gaines, Suzanne Pruitt.

Paul, Billie Burk, man in yellow shirt?, Carolyn Cutshall, Jim (Jimmy Nash) Phillips, Connie Hudson, Connie Curtis.

Memorial table. Mrs. Foote to far right is 103 years old! The class all signed a birthday card for her upcoming birthday.

Betty McCrary, don't know unless it is a wife and maybe William Johnson's?

And the Playboys! Douglas Nixon on keyboard, Ray Thomas (not in Paul's class) drums, Tom Drake, sax; Eddie Thomas, trumpet, Terry Lambert guitar. There was another member Randal "Moose" Mansell in pictures from the time they played in school. I'm not sure but don't think he is living.

Susie Sanderson Phillips, in leopard print top. Seated, facing - Mimi, Betty, Ann(?).

In foreground, Barbara Brown Pardue with her husband Charles. 

Center table, left - Carole Glover; right - Roberta Robinson.

Linda Dexter talking to Frank Thomas.

Miss Billie Burk. All class members got a copy of this booklet.

Melvin Pounders in black and white striped shirt on right; Barbara and Charles Pardue.

Donnie Brown and Nancy his wife, seated; standing, Connie Curtis. Fredda Rorie McCune, far right.

Jim and Susie Phillips.

Ann Milligan Harwell (just had knee surgery the Wednesday before!); Carole's sister, either Sylvia or ...? Standing, Carolyn Cutshall.

Ann Holtsford, Sarah Philbin Foust.

Becky and Earl Walker. Earl a class member.

"Mr. Pitiful"

Paul talking to Nellie Ruth Murrah Counce.

Getting lined up for the group photo.

It was a small room for this group and they kept moving and talking to each other! made several shots so hopefully got all in one or another.

Front, L-R - Ann Milligan, Betty McCrary, Suzanne Pruitt, Jennie Osborne, Mimi Gaines, Roberta Robinson, Brenda Brown; next row-Linda Dexter, Carole Glover, Carolyn Cutshall, Joe Carpenter, Barbara Brown, Jean Ann Kimberly, Connie Curtis,  Tressie Grisham,  Peggy Cornelison, Nellie Murrah, Joann Phifer: next row-Earl Walker, Terry Lambert, Connie Hudson, Sarah Philbin, Eddie Thomas, Glenn Bugg, Hayden Ables, Sam McCune, Reba Gray, Eddie Carson, Jim Phillips, Tommy Dean, Ann Holtsford, Richard Dexter, Melvin Pounders, Paul Nichols. Others in different pictures: Donnie Brown, Douglas Nixon, Tommy Drake. (Some changed positions; see the others pictures.)

Roberta and Susie. Man seated is Doug Nixon and his wife. 

Fredda drawing for a door prize.

Carole and Ann; man in black shirt is Connie Hudson's husband I believe.

Carolyn Cutshall and husband.

Roberta, Jennie, Tommy, Ann.

Far left, Lana Drake, Tom's wife. She is a writer; been published in Mature Living magazine, other publications. Far right is Salinda, Richard Dexter's wife, my first cousin.

Don't know who is talking to Jim Phillips on right.

Joe Carpenter and Nellie Murrah; Sandra and Eddie.

Tommy Dean (played for the Dodgers a while, out of high school), Linda Dexter, Carole Glover, Peggy Cornelison.

Glenn Bugg (back of head), Joe, Connie, Jennie, Sarah, Carole.

Brenda gets a hug from Jean Ann Kimberly.  DeeDee Shook just in the picture with them. Her dad was Mr. Shook, school superintendent back then.


Fredda, Ann, Jean Ann.

Roberta, Richard, Eddie.

And the class of 1966 who married four of the old men in '64. Sandra (Glenn); Fredda (Sam); Pat (Paul); Susie (Jim).

Best I can figure, this was from the 40-year class reunion. Paul thinks this is Joe Robinson, then him, Tommy Drake, Earl Walker, Terry Lambert, Richard Dexter, Glenn Bugg.

Paul with Terry Lambert, Terry's wife, Doug's wife.

Jerry Holly trying on one of the football/school jackets as Barbara Brown looks on. (Does that sound like a yearbook caption??) I had one and it got lost. Nancy Brown with yellow purse; Mimi, Nellie. Jerry lives just up the road from us and I bet I have asked him at least twice (not on the same day!) his name. Next time I see him jog past I'm gonna call out his name. So he won't think I've lost it. Or maybe then it'll be confirmed.

Borrowed photo from Eddie Carson: IHS first undefeated football team, members, 1964.  L-R: Donnie Brown, Joe Carpenter, Eddie Carson, Jerry Holly, Hayden Ables, Sam McCune, Glenn Bugg.

And a good time was had by all.

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