Friday, June 20, 2014


I've worked about all day cleaning the office. I got a lot done, organized, put away. Came across this from Ruth Bell Graham, from June, 1985, from her book, title above.  I've always loved, this poem, as has Sher. I got her the book, also Mama. I think I have Mama's here somewhere, or maybe Sher does. But this... I love...

Edited in Picasa. The yellow background on the original stationary is pale pink and pink and green rosebud border. I couldn't get pink for some reason.

Original scan.

Going now to eat at the new Cracker Barrel in Corinth. Mike, Marsha, Steve (I think); take eggs by Charlotte's. All going in Paul's truck, for the room. Steve misses Erica, Andy, and especially little Kiley so much. 

I've felt like a cold coming on for 3 days; allergies, sneezing, maybe not a cold. Trying to stay out of the heat. Sure don't want to postpone my ablation next Friday; probably have to have CT done again? Just chug along, rest, use Flonase... B 'ight.

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