Sunday, June 22, 2014


Paul and I went to Corinth yesterday evening to Arby's for a sandwich, and it being cloudy and on into the late afternoon, I took my camera. I told him to be prepared to stop and he did; I got a few pictures just from the roads. On the way back I was lost until we came to Highway 25 again, north of where we live. By that time, I was about to get a headache from the curves and hills. 

Some things I didn't know until we moved back to the country:

There are bugs and spiders everywhere.

Most flowers need lots of sun. (Mandevilla)

 Eventually, the daylilies bloom. From Master Gardeners' sale three years ago.

There are a lot of cows around the countryside.

I always loved the sounds of trains. This crossing is at Hazard.

I never knew this: That a donkey in the pasture with cows is their guard against predators like coyotes and other things that might bother them.

This one takes his job seriously, watching us as we move on.

The roadsides abound with beautiful daylilies. And Queen Anne's Lace, which I didn't get pictures of.

There are motorcycle cruises every weekend.

Mimosas are beautiful.

Ponies in pastures, too...

Kudzu covers almost anything that doesn't move.

This is a hill in the Turnpike Mountain area. 

Someone's new pride and joy - a pretty red barn.

These are Blackeyed Susans. I'm sure the FB friends who told me wonder what rock I've been living under. The chopped off bush behind it is hawthorn, which bloomed and which should be more full next spring.

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