Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Brenda texted me early this morning about coming out for a visit and she did and we sat on the deck and talked about her Walk to Emmaus. I've heard about this before, though not a lot of details, and it isn't as if it is a secret - it is just so close to one's own heart-experience that it can't be described. It is to be experience by the participant. We talked for about an hour or more, enjoying the coolness of the morning and the breeze of the overhead fan, the green of the trees, the natural canopy over the deck, the antics of the cats. Precious time and talk together. Old friends of 50+ years... How blessed we are.  Paul returned from coffee-shop (Jack's) and sat with us, talking mostly politics, yesterday's election (Thad Cochran was re-elected in MS), and taking his cap off, putting it on... how many times have I seen him do that... And Tommy does the same thing! Bren had an appointment at 9:30 and it was upon us before we knew it. So thankful for her sharing some of her experience with me. I had been contacted by her sponsor to write a letter for her to take but I didn't see Corrine's message until after the weekend. But when Bren left, I came in her and wrote her, mailed it to her this morning. Bren said she wants to sponsor me... I would love to go... We will see how much better my heart rhythm is after a few weeks. There is another Walk in August, and one in the spring. I'm thinking possibly spring - the heat and I are not friends. 

We plan to be at Amy's around 5:30 tomorrow evening. Messaged Sandra this morning and she said they will be at Baptist East to be with Paul. Her daughter Erica had sinus surgery about a week ago and has been at their house, so I just wanted to double check.

Nervous, but what choice do I have? This has to be better than what I have been dealing with, the feeling bad, the limitations. Thanking God in advance for His protection, wisdom and skill for Dr. Johnson, his staff; for Paul, Sandra, David, for Amy; for myself that all goes well and I'll be home Saturday! And, Lord, bless Oscar, and keep him calm and okay during his two-night kenneling experience.  Praying for 100% success. More than 80%, but 60-80% seems to be the average. Lord, You can do above-average. Far and away, above average...

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