Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The big 5-0! Seems unreal! I remember when Mama Nick's class had its 50th reunion! Paul asked why it was in the morning and she said, "Us old folks can't stay up late!" I totally understand that now.

Had a wonderful time seeing everyone - I think we've missed one reunion - the 45th. Very interesting to see how people have changed, some so much that you have to ask or guess who they are. Others change very little and they still "look like themselves."

I only made 400 pictures and I won't be putting them here! I did order about 300 prints and need another album just for them.

A few highlights:

Eddie Carson, Joe Carpenter, Betty McCrary, Paul.

Donnie Brown, Becky Walker (Earl's wife), Douglas Nixon, Betty McCrary's sister-in-law who came with her, Barbara Brown Pardue.

Becky; Salinda, my cousin.

Brenda Brown Irwin, Roberta Robinson with Harmon McGill (class of '65), Doug Nixon, Paul.

Brenda, Harmon, Doug, Paul, Richard, (blue shirt?), Eddie, Joe.

Linda Dexter, Brenda Brown, Barbara Brown, Sarah Philbin making photo.

Richard outfitted for Alabama!

Tishomingo County afghan.

Memento table.

Suzanne Pruitt, Roberta, Eddie, Sam, Joe.

Brenda, Linda, JoAnn Phifer.

Suzanne, Roberta, Sam, Eddie, Joe.

Fredda, Betty, Salinda, Suzanne.

Glenn Bugg, Paul, Mimi Gaines, Roberta.

Roberta, Paul, Earl Walker (on ground), Glenn, Joe, Sam.

Sarah, JoAnn, Eddie, Mimi, Betty.

Fredda, Peggy Cornelison Wadkins.

Brenda, Sarah, Mimi, Linda, Sandra, Eddie.

Joe, Sandra, Sam, Glenn, Brenda, Linda.

Sarah and Mimi. (Mimi's mother Mrs. Gaines was our home ec teacher... oh, the tales those rooms could tell!)

Chief Iuka (or maybe Tishomingo...)

School colors, black and gold.

JoAnn, Connie, Betty, Suzanne. Background, Fredda and Glenn.

Roberta, Linda, Connie, Fredda, Sandra, Betty, Glenn, Suzanne.

Getting ready for Painted Lady (house across from park) tour. I didn't go - was too hot to walk that far, up a hill in the sun! 

Donnie Brown, one of two State Farm agents in Iuka.

Cute Becky.

Fredda, Sam, Glenn, Suzanne.

Ann Holtsford talking to Connie.

Susie and Sandra.

Becky, Roberta, Connie.

Richard, Glenn.

Barbara, Paul.

And Suzanne. Suzanne works or did work at Carrington House where Paul's mother was for the last 18 months she lived.

Sandra, Doug's wife, Jim Phillips.

Doug, DeeDee Shook, Eddie Carson, Ann Holtsford. Paul said Eddie and Ann dated in high school. I didn't remember that. Eddie never married.  Seems a little poignant...

Richard, Glenn, Harmon.

Lady in middle is Ann Johnson, William Johnson's wife.

Jerry Holly, Becky Walker.

This is Barbara Brown's husband Charles, Carolyn (Callie - per Brenda Brown, I didn't know they called her Callie) Cutshall's husband Roy, Sam McCune, William Johnson, Richard Dexter.

Sam, William, Richard.

Gazebo at the park.

Salinda, Doug's wife Carol Nixon; and class of '66 - me, Susie, Fredda, Sandra.

Reunion for us, too.

Hayden Ables, DeeDee Shook.

Paul and Jennie.

Richard and Salinda.

Sarah and Reba Gray.

Mimi and Joe.

Betty's sil, DeeDee Shook.

William and Hayden.

Here he comes!

Jean Ann, Jim Phillips, Tom Drake.

Paul, Earl, William, Hayden.

Just some kids on merry-go-round. Loved the sheer looks of pleasure of their riding.

Carol Glover, right, and her sister.

Carolyn Cutshall, Barbara, Suzanne, Mimi.

Jimmy and Reba (Gray) Spain, Peggy. 

DeeDee and Ann.

Carolyn and Barbara.

Jean Ann, Carolyn and Ann Johnson.

Carol and Brenda.

Paul and Hayden.

Getting line up for the group shot!

Then a tour of the upstairs court room.

In the court house museum. Pronunciation of Iuka!

Too fragile to open... Book dedicated to...

I'm honored to be part of this group now - Twentieth Century Club.


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