Tuesday, April 01, 2014


I wasn't able to go to GFWC-MFWC District Convention Saturday, so Jo took two photos for me for a contest. She called me Sunday afternoon (as I wasn't at church Sunday morning) and told me my photo of Lucy in the Leaves had won First Place in "Color-Living Things" category. So that picture will go to state competition. I won't get the actual photo back, but here it is:

A year ago March 27, we put Lucy in the garage and she ventured out little by little. She roams around the "neighborhood" (countryside) occasionally staying overnight at different places, or wherever cats stay.  Sometimes she sleeps on the truck hood (which we have a cover for). Often I pick her up, cradle her like a baby and carry her at least to the end of the driveway or in the pines while I walk Oscar. Paul said she came across our yard this evening limping. I haven't seen her so I don't know what the problem is. Hope it isn't too bad. 

And we finally got my new truck last Friday! Our sales person Melissa Henson called and said it was there; Paul and I left Iuka about 2ish; Sher had said her arrival time in Muscle Shoals would be only minutes from ours, so we met at the dealership. She stayed awhile then came home. It took us longer than I thought, but glad we went ahead and got it. It took the Delivery Specialist over an hour to tell us about all the bells and whistles (buttons and computerization), then there was the finance person to talk to and papers to sign.  I was scared to drive it! It was like learning to drive all over again. I didn't realize till I got home that the hood is shorter than my old one. It is just the cat's meow!

Good weekend with Sher. She didn't study! We went to Kiley's birthday party at Coleman State Park, directly east of our road, about I don't know - five to seven miles? We went to Country Squire and had filet steak (halved it, and she also had shrimp). We did Easter Baskets for each other. We watched a movie together - a one-character movie (Hugh Bonneville - Downton Abbey - only about 20 years younger) "telling" his diary he had written - "Diary of a Nobody." Based on a book. Obscure. I found it by looking at an interview with Patricia Routledge who plays Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!) on Keeping Up Appearances. She played the part of the wife Carrie and Richard (series husband) played Charles - last names: Pooter! But the movie Pooter was Lord Grantham from DA. Was really funny. Not many other people would probably enjoy it - we're pretty obscure sisters. 

I did let my little sister drive my new truck.

Aunt Ginny is not much improved pain-wise. The pain patches were making her out of her head and she had no appetite. We didn't put another one on last Friday so she was back to "herself" by Sunday anyway. But her back: today I took her to Iuka hosital for a CT scan. Dr. Kitchens came to her house (I know - can you believe that!? What other kind physician would do such a thing?) she has an L12 fracture but palpating it didn't increase pain or pinpoint it exactly. But there is a fracture and there's a possibility of relief if they will do it - if she is a "candidate" once she's at Tupelo hospital. Possibility of Paul and me taking her tomorrow. Paul talked to David tonight about possible long-term options. She is very independent, but especially Glenda and I are about worn out, plus Glenda practically has a full-time job keeping her grandchildren, and my back won't let me do much stabilizing... We shall see. It's been an ordeal for her. (Dr. Kitchens's grandfather Ed and AG's grandfather Will were brothers.)

I came in here to just look at a couple of blogs and post Lucy's picture. Gotta get off here, be ready-set-go for tomorrow. Good long shower coming up!

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