Wednesday, April 02, 2014


If it can be messed up it will. Had to straighten out a prescription through mail order pharmacy this morning, even went to the clinic to check on a fax they should have received. No fax. No two faxes. No, OptumRX didn't get clinic's fax. No. No. No! I won't be ordering that one from Optum again. So anyway, with e-whatever, or anything else - you better take the bull by the horns and don't assume anything! I learned a long time ago what assume means.

Paul's running an errand. Doesn't look as if AG will have her kythoplasty today - no word from the clinic yet. Home Health nurse has been there - protime checked - blood too thin. Another line of red tape to go through for them to get the results to the doctor, then to the patient/family. I'm relieving Glenda by noon today - Ilene is out of town. My night to spend the night. 

I did get Sher's bed made, the king feather comforter stuffed in it's zip bag, some clothes washed, all of the pants/shirts hung up. The house is at least straight, though not clean by any means. Not unclean, but not vacuumed, dusted... Well, it's only us here for now, running in and out, so?

Mike's grandson Tyler in Grandaddy's truck. I made prints for Mike yesterday, got eggs for Charlotte, practically threw them at her when we stopped by on the way back to AG's house to be there when Dr. Ben came to check her. 

Tyler is curly-haired - not had a big boy haircut - but trimmed the curls... So pretty. Sweet boy. Three in July.

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