Wednesday, March 26, 2014


For the past few weeks the family has been attending Aunt Ginny, who broke her ankle, and until a couple of weeks ago was dealing with it nicely. Then back trouble set in just a few days before we were to return to the orthopedic surgeon who casted her leg (below the knee). The back pain may have been masking a UTI, which is all the local ER could determine was the cause of other problems she was having, nausea, more pain, stomach pain... As anyone knows who has been ill or who has cared for the elderly, there is a domino effect. Today she is so much better that we have rescheduled her appointment in Memphis to have the cast removed. Twenty-four hours ago that wasn't even a consideration. So Paul and I will take her to Dr. Crockerall on Poplar at Campbell Clinic... he is so nice and kind, patient. We don't usually have to wait, she is called right away. Just praying this will be a quick visit, she doesn't get nauseated and we see vast improvement after this ankle is free.

The the nieces and nephews have been taking turns spending the night with her and a lady in the area - Miss Ilene - has filled in during most days. Her chicken and dumplings have further improved Aunt Ginny's health. 

Amy was home Monday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon - a short visit, but so worth it, just to get a big hug and huge smackaroo kisses! Oscar is always glad to see her, too. She visited the local funeral home to see her live friends there. Little mortician humor. My stomach was in a knot yesterday - too much stress, Sprite, a Coke Saturday and delayed meals. She and I didn't do much; the temperature is cold again, but she said it was worth it to be home with us. My stomach is better.

I know there are two missing weeks, during which I did try to post, but if I download too many pictures and wait too long, it gets stuck and won't post. So here are a few of the most recent.

Beginning spring clean-up.

Buttercups uncovered. They had been hidden and shaded out under brush.

Who could ask for a better model?

Amy knows me well - a birthday present. (Fossil!)

Charlotte and I on a recent trip to Dollar Tree. 

Fredda and Zenobia at our last meeting at Fredda's home.

Sher with a family she knows from her "flight" at Culture Day, Maxwell AFB.

Cleaned out vines, probably honeysuckle. Maybe the spirea will have a better growth now.

Not to be outdone...

Amy home! First time she's been home or we've seen each other since Christmas!

Brother Mike's "distressed" truck.

Amy loved the baby chicks.

Mike's beautiful pair of peacocks. He said they are related to the turkey. 

Treat time!

Living sunshine!

More of the ones discovered this year.

I raked all the leaves from several years past from these iris shoots. Such good exercise and therapy. 

The big egg on the right had double yolks.

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