Thursday, February 06, 2014


No, not warm there, either.

Have a deposit on my truck. Paul and I cleaned it out last night - unbelievable how much stuff was in it! Pairs of sunglasses, reading glasses, found a Coke under the back seat, flashlights. Young couple coming to get it tomorrow night sometime. Live in New Albany, MS, I think. Drove it, liked it. Be a good vehicle for them - 4 small children, one on the way. Yes, that little mama needs a good SUV in her life. She will love her heated driver's seat, too.

I spent the night with Aunt Ginny last night, will tonight also. It was 10 when I got home this morning and did three loads of clothes for her. She has not been able to do it. David is taking her a BBQ sandwich for supper and I'll go over about 8. She's being a "fair" patient. She is supposed to have her foot elevated at least heart level, and I was there around 2:30 with late lunch and she was sitting in her rocker. Just do what we can. I hope she doesn't have problems with it. At least maybe she's staying off of it. That's another scary thought. She's not that stable with the walker, but says she is okay, so... 

My turn to be hostess for 20th Century next week but Jo asked if I needed to swap - I mean she brought it up - so I said I would like to swap with someone. They were all coming here, but I just can't do house, groceries, laundries, and be at Aunt Ginny's, plus get ready for the group - a small meal. I can't stay warm this afternoon and I have this dry cough from being in/out of the cold. Hope and pray I don't have a sinus deal; even hate to write that.  I did tell Jo I would get the scrapbook and finish up captions this weekend. She wanted to mail it to state convention by Feb 13. Tuesday AG wants to get her hair done. Wednesday - Memphis. Thursday - book club, club meeting. Friday - Valentine party at Tishomingo Industries (I pick up the food from Piggly Wiggly deli). After next week, things should slow down some. As I say, just do what I can.

Paul and I ate late, too, so I'm not really hungry. I'll eat some hot oatmeal before I go to Aunt Ginny's. 

Talking to Glenda. The bottom of the cast is slick (this is only a half sock with a strap). Today I found duct tape in her utility room to put on the bottom (it doesn't seem to have any grip though; we used to put DT on bottom of Amy's shoes.) And it was red duct tape. God surely has a sense of humor.

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