Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Ice storm in East Arkansas, Wynne. This is a picture of our former back yard, made by our neighbor Jimi. It's a mess. There's ice everywhere. So far none on the house here, or in our old neighborhood that I know of. So many icy tree pictures on Facebook.

Here in Northeast Mississippi everything is just wet - it has rained all day. I'm sure our back lower yard has a stream flowing through it. 

Aunt Ginny broke her left ankle this week, yesterday. Her left knee was already sprained and under doctor's care. In fact, we are scheduled to return to Campbell Clinic tomorrow for the knee; now we will go earlier to see also about her ankle. The small bone is broken, not both. She has a cast and is using a walker. Paul's cousin Glenda stayed with her last night; I stayed and ran errands most of the day yesterday and all this morning. Glenda's coming again tonight. We will take her to Memphis tomorrow; I don't know if the doctor will have to schedule surgery - the ER doctor seemed to think it would need it. She had gotten up to turn her gas heat down at 3 a.m. yesterday morning and when she got up, she fell backward, don't know if overbalanced, dizzy or what. She heard it pop.

Tishomingo County Archives and History Museum sponsored a photo contest which ended January 31. Winner were posted yesterday and I placed two second place, two third place and six honorable mentions! My sister-in-law also had several winners. There were 168 entries which will be on display for a month. This was my 2nd place winner in Historical Landmarks, and was my favorite photo. I took it at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery last fall when Marsha and I went to see Sher. He is Lt. Karl Richter of the Viet Nam era.

We ordered a new truck for me yesterday - 2014 Ford Explorer. We had talked about it and kind of dismissed it, but then decided it was time. I've driven my other one for almost 12 years and it's been a great one - this will be the third Explorer I've had. We may already have the '02 sold. Paul's had some inquiries about it. It will be here in 6-8 weeks. Meantime, if we do sell it, I can drive Paul's truck. Actually the new Explorer is a rolling computer. There are lessons to be had about phone sync, etc. I'm excited about it, but sentimental me, will be sad to see the other one go - it's been to a lot of places. It's the one that went to Gulf Shores 9 years ago. Nine! And I drove back with Teri my traveling buddy. Well... I'm looking forward to the new one.  The only later model Explorer I've driven is the one we went to Gatlinburg in last fall and it was only to Aunt Ginny's and back. But I wouldn't have any other (we did briefly consider an Acadia). What always gets me is the outside keypad. I've locked my keys in my car too many times. This is a picture off internet site; not sure if it is a Limited. Beach shown not included.

Missed a good nap today. Just wouldn't cooperate. Need to hit the hay. Long day tomorrow, drive to Memphis. Hope the ice is on the other side of the river though I do feel sorry for the ones in and around Wynne area.

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