Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yesterday we woke to a beautiful soft snow and it all melted except in really shady areas. This morning it snowed silver dollar sized flakes for about 30 minutes but it didn't stick.  It was all beautiful while it lasted. Oscar ran in it; Thelma rolled in it!  This evening it has rained some and I hope it doesn't freeze.  Aunt Ginny missed her x-ray appointment in Memphis today because of the weather and we may go Friday. Waiting to hear from doctor's office. (Have to leave a message for them.) Who knows what the weather will do in the next two days. I know she is so tired. She is having a lady come in a few hours a day (except yesterday, it was too dangerous to get out, so Paul and I took her dinner to her after it began to melt. AG took matters into her hands and decided Glenda and I were not going to exhaust ourselves spending the night as well - so she is staying by herself. I wonder if I could be that brave or independent? She can walk on the walker...)

So Paul just walked in here laughing and said it's snowing again.These are from yesterday ~~~ I posted several on FB and there were a lot of nice comments about them. I do so love making pictures... When I have the camera in my hand I forget about my aches and pains. It helps that I use manual setting and I should read more about them - I'm sure there are a million other surprises in store for me. Ahh - just a thought - I should read my Bible more - I'm sure there are a million other things in store for me!

Oscar had fun till his feet got cold, then he raced back to the house.

Icy whiskers, too. If the snow were up to our elbows, it would be deep!

"Here I come! Open that door!" One of the rare times I let him out without a leash - the big labs haven't been around in a while. Had to let him run in the snow.

The birds don't visit this feeder as much as the round one.

Front yard looking toward the road. Be glad when those spirea shrubs have another kind of white on them - blooms and not snow! Little red SUV near bottom left, turning from The Lane onto our road.

Thelma loved the now and rolled in it!

Big old fluffy baby.

Part snow leopard.

Paul's old campaign cap (Nichols for Mayor).  

My beautiful kitchen window. So thankful for our place in the country.

He's beautiful, but don't you love her colors, too?  I've noticed this pair together the last two days.

Lucy's place at the bottom of the back steps. She would come in but for Oscar. She has made it into the utility room, but he gets beside himself and doesn't take her long to go right back out. She doesn't know he only wants to chase her, not hurt her. But it's just as well - she has gotten to be stronger and gets along pretty well with Thelma now, though she and Barney fight. Paul said he's seen her pick the fight - not all Barney. Annnnd, our phone cords are safe.

My friend Myra did the collage for me from an app "Pic Collage," I think it is.

Then today~~~~ Mr. Red is right in the middle.

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