Friday, January 31, 2014


Been a busy week and of course, it has flown by.

I only went to exercise once (Monday) and we worked on the scrapbook at the library (20th Century Club) four days. Meantime, Aunt Ginny has needed transportation to the beauty shop and to Belk's in Corinth for a birthday gift. She bought a purse as well, and I bought Clinique makeup (which I'll pick up in two weeks when I can receive their special deal). Her knee is still hurting - enough so that she called the ortho doctor in Memphis and has an appointment for an injection (which she declined last Friday). I'm sure Paul and I will take her - it's Wednesday at 11:10, so no getting up dreadfully early. 

Beck and I talked about an hour and a half on Wednesday morning. So good to catch up. Good to hear her voice and her laugh. 

Paul and I went to Florence this evening to Rosie's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Florence. Really good; I could only eat about half my food; got a to-go box. 

After a light dusting of snow Monday, and once again severe cold weather this week, it's been a pleasant day. I think the forecast is for rain tomorrow (Saturday).

I ordered a king size feather comforter and duvet (with Amazon gift cards from Amy and Matt) and it sleeps very cozy. I thought with a kind bed there'd be plenty of room, but Paul keeps inching over with his long legs and knees. Every morning the cover is all down at his bottom cover, too. I don't understand - he says I push it down there.

We're Explorer shopping. Have about decided on the options, etc. I've driven my Explorer for 12 years. It's still fine, but we thought it was time to get a new one. A rolling computer. With a red "case." Ruby Red.  

I have last year's and this year's in progress scrapbooks at home to work on page captions. It's 7:30 ish now and almost too late, and I'm too sleepy to begin, but I will do a little. Haven't made many pictures this week - too cold to get out unless have to, and the camera fogs up taking it in and out.

And Amy is about to get all her belongings out of storage and will rent another smaller unit nearer where she lives. Such good news and a $ savings, too! She loves her apartment and so good to have her things with her again. Thank You, Lord, for such good tidings!

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