Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's cold again and I'm so ready for spring! Aunt Ginny has knee problems again and Paul and I are taking her to Memphis/Campbell clinic tomorrow - on the coldest day since last week. She went to Dr. Kitchens yesterday (Paul and Glenda took her). I've been to exercise class 3 times. The 4 overhead fans only make me freeze, so I'll know to wear a jacket of some kind. My ears feel stopped up today. They started feeling weird when I took AG to the beauty shop and the thrumming of the heating unit felt like a tiny elf playing snare drums in my ears. I did use Flonase this morning, so it may be that it has just settled in my ear tubes. Jo, Maxine and I worked on the 20th Century Club scrapbook two days, a couple hours each day. We were going today, but I called Maxine back and said I just couldn't - too cold and my ears were bothering me. Sunday afternoon when Sher was here (this past weekend) we went to Mike and Marsha's for eggs. His nanny goat Freckles had twins about a week ago. Tyler and Tuesday were there so we got to see them, and Tyler went with us to get the eggs and see the kids. Marsha came up with the name Dock and someone said Dorothy and I said Dock and Dotty. Mike sold Festus, the big old billy goat, who was (ahem) amorous already. Horny - goat pun. Marsha had a bagful of overripe bananas and I asked for some. Have made two batches (6 loaves total). We took Mike and her two loaves, and one for Erica/Andy. Paul gave one to our UPS delivery man Andy. So nice. Meant to do something for Christmas...

Making crapes.


Maxine and Jo working on scrapbook at the library.

2013 underway.

Oscar loves being near Sher's feet!


Tyler and Grandmommy.

Sher with Mike, Tyler, going to see Freckles's kids.

Freckles, Dock and Dotty.

A warm egg.

Pretty ladies.

Sweet baby Tuesday and Greant Aunt Sher.

Not three yet and operates the tablet.

A little help from Aunt Heather.

Uncle Ben napping.

Waffles and crapes.

Blueberries from Killoughs!

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