Thursday, January 16, 2014


I went to exercise class this morning. The leader/director of the wellness center said that based on my answers to questionnaire (health history) she would need to get my doctor to sign off that I could do them. Well, I can't actually DO them yet - it'll take SOME work. But I participated in today's class, and was about two beats behind everyone else, including some 70+ year-old ladies. Please tell me I haven't waited too long! But they assured me I would be better soon and able to do more. I was fairly worn out this afternoon, but decided to vacuum the house. Tomorrow I'll mop and clean the bathrooms. No class on Thursdays. Will be a change in my morning routine, which I need anyway - can only see so many Today Shows, or should only see so many. I need to MOVE, and build up some strength, balance and stamina. Oscar and I walked to Aunt Ginny's mailbox this afternoon. Little here, little there.

Paul bought an old (1992) Mustang convertible the other day. It already looks spiffier than when the guy drove it out here; Paul's been tinkering with it. Barney seems taken with it, too.

I had prints made at Walmart to enter in the Tishomingo County Museum Photo Contest. Got a little carried away, but the ones I chose are all good (I think), and entry fees benefit the museum. I ordered a portfolio for the ones I don't enter; and we get our entries back, too. Deadlines is last day of January. Sher coming this weekend and I want her to see them. I'll take them to the old courthouse museum next week.

Annnndddd.... I cut Paul's hair and shaped his beard. He was beginning to look pretty rough. He got beard clippers the other day and his beard was too long down on his neck, so I trimmed it up just under his chin. Still not confident with the clippers on his hair, but turned out okay for a first try. We started to use a #5 guard, but decided on a #7. Good choice. Have a little long spot I need to work on, but otherwise I'd say okay.

Amy's apartment is almost done as far as painting and repairing. It was supposed to be ready January 1, and she wanted and needed to move, and did; so they're working around her. The cable guy was there today to install the cable.

Texted Erica and asked her if Andy can move my DVD player to living room from the den. Sher and I always watch movies when she's here and have to run Paul out of his recliner. I could do it, but it'd be so much easier and faster for him. He's way younger, too. Guess I could have asked Ben, but Andy works with computers at Best Buy... 

This is one of the photos I'm submitting for the contest.

It doesn't contain only picture. It's everything that I wrote and posted in 2013.

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