Saturday, January 04, 2014


First night of two-part prayer conference, led by Claude King, co-author of "Experiencing God," (with Henry Blackaby). Paul and I helped with the hot dog snack/supper beforehand - then the conference. One of the most important things he said that God had helped me figure out some time ago is why people don't feel like He's "for" them. Relational issues. I have had hedges built around myself in the past and it's easy for those hedges to grow wildly again. The "hedging" has to be done by God, not us. There's another session in the morning, during Sunday School and worship service time. Made lots of notes on my iPhone. Will print; and there is printed material for tomorrow morning. (Many years ago Wynne Baptist did the Experience God Bible study - I'm not sure I finished it. There's a book though.)

Talked to my cousin JoAnn a long time yesterday. It is amazing how various events in families are viewed from different perspectives by those family members! 

Sher is having trouble with her computer and has a test she has to complete on it. She texted me while I was in church and I texted back on the way home why I didn't respond. Hope she got it all fixed. (Our internet/wifi has been pretty slow lately...)

Poinsettia that Aunt Ginny gave me. She had put it in her church in memory of Uncle Wendell during Christmas holidays. I think she gave me one last year, but I don't remember planting it.

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