Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Very cold - Paul posted on FB that it was 0 this morning when he got up. Now it's about 30. Thankful he took Oscar out early this morning; later O and I walked to the mailbox - not much there but AARP Bulletin, Country Living Magazine, and bunch of junk which immediately went in the trash, junk, that is.

Which reminds me - I deleted every email we had this morning. Paul said something about cleaning out his mailbox - all that stuff he didn't know what I wanted to keep,etc. So for a few, one by one, I deleted them from his and they remained on mine. Then I deleted all his and voila - voila's happen so much - they were all gone from mine and from the iPad, and the desktop... I suppose if they were anything important they'll be remailed to us. Confirmation numbers for my blog book, Walmart picture order, but I have copies of those. Amazon, but I can look at my account... It's the remembering to...

Tomorrow is my dentist's appointment. Now not sure about the implants. Cost an arm and a leg, not sure I want to go through all that. The two major teeth that are problems - I can't see doing root canals on them - one has no pulp, the other has no outer root... That leaves bridges (pulled teeth - hate to think...) or braces on bottom (and top?) but then there's the top tooth that needs attention anyway. So I guess I'm looking at two coming out, and bridges. Gee whiz. I'll ask her what she would recommend her mother do - assuming her mother is as anxious about this as I am.

Thursday Paul has an appointment in Tupelo at 1:30 and I'm going with him. Book club is that day but I can get notes from Brenda. Twentieth Century is at 6:30 but I'm sure we'll be back home. 

Haven't slept well especially the last couple of nights - heat doesn't go off and the dry air is on all night long. Cpap is a capricious little thing and I'll just go back to my old one, covering nose and mouth. I was sleeping well for a while. What happened?

Yesterday I did laundry, including changing the bed. Today I cleaned my bathroom, cleaned a drawer of the fridge where a can of evaporated milk had spilled and made its dribbling pathway from one shelf to the drawer, made us grilled cheese sandwiches. Did my games on Lumosity. Cold weather just does not stimulate movement. I think that's true of a lot of folks. Except the ones who are homeless - i.e., NYC where there are thousands. I can't even imagine - thank God for people who are able to see about them and get them shelter, blankets, food. I agree with Facebook comments (not posting directly on it because I try to stay away from political things) that the US spends more money on dingbat stupid studies and funneling money to other countries that'd just as soon chop our hands off, than we do our veterans and jobless. So that's my rant. I know God is in control.

And today is Benjamin's birthday - he's 26. First birthday as a new father.

Aunt Arie at the Oldham Store, ca 1930-40's...

Aunt Clara.

My little foot warmer.

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