Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Writing the year 2013 seemed "uneven," even more so than 2011, etc. I'm not superstitious, but 2014 just sounds better. Of course it makes the next birthday nearer...

Didn't quite make it to midnight last night - 11:30.  After a rocky start Amy had with her move, it took a while to settle in, but everything looked better this morning and the painting, refurbishing seems to be getting done. She had a job at Canale this morning then she and Matt were going to unload at the new apartment.  It isn't new or fancy, but it has "character," with the furnace register in the floor and real hardwood floors.

After yesterday's installation of new shelving in the pantry closet, which of course led to cleaning up the rest of the closet and moving canned goods from another cabinet to the new shelves, we were pretty tired. Paul watched the Liberty Bowl (MS State beat Rice 44 to 7 I think); I started watching Top Gun (Netflix isn't carrying it any more after last night), and looking at young Tom Cruise, I thought - he's not just playing a part - I think that's who he really is, as demonstrated later when he jumped on Oprah's or Ellen's or whoever's couch, etc. So anyway, to bed and sleep and woke around wee hours 3:00 or so heart pounding, so I guess I'll get my cpap machine back out. Dreadful feeling - like I've been chased and chased and totally out of breath. After using it several months in the summer I seemed to be better - I could sleep well. Maybe it improves for a while then must use again. The respiratory therapist said some people don't use theirs all the time...

And I've decided what to do about my dental work. Anything I have done will cost a fortune, so when I go for my fillings (or maybe I'll call first - maybe they can to it all at one time) I'll ask about implants for these two front (one each top and bottom) teeth that are disintegrating, the crown in back and okay, let's throw in two small fillings - all under anesthesia. Braces will take at least six months to a year to close a gap and I'd be with one more tooth missing. A bridge would involve grinding off supporting teeth and I don't want anything else done to my good teeth. Maybe I'll call tomorrow or Friday - see if their office is open and talk to Betty or leave a message for Dr. Gillespie...

I've started wearing my old glasses, too. Something is not right and has never been right with the new ones. One lens was changed in the new ones shortly after I got them. Maybe it's the HD? Anyway - things look fuzzy way too soon when reading, and the TV has double letters on the screen. Another thing to see about. Paul has an appointment with the urologist next week, too.

Other exciting things I've done on this New Year's Day: took the lights off the deck (Paul got the top ones off and rolled up); put the deck bows in a bag for the attic; vacuumed the den somewhat and dusted; did laundry (what day do I not do laundry?). Just a quiet, sunny day in the country. Pleasant enough for Paul to cut vines and underbrush in the woods behind the deck. Aunt Ginny called this morning and was going to Glenda's for late Christmas Day dinner. And AG and Paul went to Powell's yesterday to get sausage. I got two more packs I need to patty and freeze. Mrs. P told AG the last hog(s) were more lean and these had more fat - it's better with more fat. All good, but fat's better.

My family. Lucy wasn't around for the session. Later.

Paul (what did we ever do without iPhones and Facebook? He enjoys keeping up with Wynneites, though!)
Barney - I catch him sticking his tongue out a lot. He's such a Barney. Love him - all of 'em - each have distinct personalities.

Thelma, big ol' fluff - her sides flop when she trots to the house, she's so plump and fluffy. She and Barney both go with me and Oscar for walks. Sometimes I carry her and she likes to play with the toggle ball on my coat. A Maine Coon. Wonder what her name was before she came to us? Doesn't matter - Thelma fits her now.

Oscar, who had a bath and a tidying up today. Loves it, always stands there like a little old man getting shaved.

All this except the Pat's Kitchen and the Lisa Lambert were Mama Nick's and hanging or stuck in the pantry. The shoe horn says Walmart Family Shoes I think. Walmart anyway. Have to decorate, even if it's a closet.

The magazine quality pantry! Paul made a special trip to Lowe's in Corinth for the metal hangers and then to the lumber company for the boards. His idea - what a great one! Some of the canned goods need to go to the Food Pantry, and will at our next 20th Century Club meeting.

A winter's twist of trees.

On our old perpetual calendar.

I resolved to begin a new handwritten journal in 2014. I haven't done that in quite a while. The last "big" one I did lasted six years. It's a Boorum and Pease Account Book and was stuffed with clippings and such. Loved it. Have a brand new one I bought before I retired and you know - the first blank page... We don't get a newspaper now, but I suppose I could print articles from internet. Not quite the same - always enjoyed comics, op-ed cartoons.

I need to call Miss Elsie - her husband Dewey died a week ago Sunday and I did go to visitation. They had no children. She was always so gracious hosting our Bible studies and providing refreshments. She was sick during the last days of his illness and during the funeral arrangements; she waited until after Christmas for visitation and the funeral was last Friday. Then I was sick over the weekend... But I will call or go by soon - she lives nearby.

So for the first day of the new year, that's about it - nothing exciting, except Amy getting to move. She cleaned so much today and the pictures from last night look nothing like the neat place today. Lord, bless her and cause her to seek Your guidance more and more. 

Now I think I'll go put on my cute pajamas she gave me for Christmas and read or watch a movie.

I almost forgot! We had a little snow Monday! It didn't last long, but was cold enough it settled into the lower branches of the shrubs and stayed on the shady deck a good while.

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