Monday, December 30, 2013


It was a busy week, what with our anniversary (45th), Sher being here for the week, Christmas breakfast and visiting with families, plus a movie (Walter Mitty).

The 23rd Sher and I went to Corinth to the movie and ate afterward at Pepper's. Home and a quick nap then Paul and I went to Florence to Olive Garden for our anniversary supper. Cold and windy - I guess that's where my sinus stuff began.

Sher and I stayed up late just about every night and just when it was time to start going to bed we'd get wound up laughing and hardly containing ourselves! She got me a signed book by Lee Smith (Guests on Earth) and I got her a pair of Smartwool socks and the Sanctuary House cookbook.

Sher was here a week. Saturday night our family got together here, and we all got to hold the sweet new baby Tuesday! For Steve's birthday I gave him a chocolate cupcake sprinkled in red and green sugars. Sher had reading and some schoolwork to do but I managed to get her nose out of the books for long periods of time. Christmas Day we had the Broughton/Nichols Christmas Breakfast at Tommy and Carol's this year. Amy and Matt were here at 8:00 a.m.! Jessica's fiance was there (Geoff Lance)who had been in the military special forces, so he and Sher had lots to talk about. She and Marianna also found lots in common, what with Marianna planning to spend the summer of 2015 at Cambridge, England! After breakfast and visiting and family pictures, Sher left to visit Jordan in Milan, TN. It was his only day off, too. Jenni had to work at vet hospital so she and Billy weren't there. Whit and Greg weren't. 

Lunch was chicken spaghetti and Aunt Ginny came over about 2:00 for late lunch. After visiting and letting our lunch settle, Paul and I, Amy and Matt opened gifts. The "kids" both gave us generous gift cards to Amazon and Lowe's. Matt got Amy an iPad; she gave him clothes and other things: movies (The Bible TV series being one). Just a fun time together. Later I showed Paul the Paperwhite I got myself! Later Christmas night, Sher and I subscribed to Netflix. So much entertainment! Books, gift cards, movies, old TV shows, military lending library! Amy and I have had Facetime on our iPads - technology is fun when it works. (Unlike what I ran into last night 12/29 with this blog - it disappeared!! Horror! Finally this morning I read and read and it said empty browsing history. Voila!

Friday after one last big breakfast, Sher left for Columbus (visiting former co-workers), and Pensacola (Melanie's); then on to Destin (Henderson Park Inn with Mel, then later Rita).

Sometime around the 23rd or Christmas Eve my nose started itching and I was sneezing - just that quick - very sudden - and this lasted about a week. So the weekend I was in bed most of the time. I've gotten the old family ornaments off the tree, wrapped and put in a red plastic container. 

I meant to do this earlier: a final tribute to Dr. Emmett Bell, Jr., the pediatric cardiolotist who saw Amy for years at LeBonheur in Memphis. Sweet Dr. Bell passed away at age 90 on November 20.

This sweet gentleman is Reverend Harris Counce who married me and Paul December 23, 1968. Of course, then, he was young, too. Netia, one of his daughters said he had begun "being" Santa in later years and really enjoyed it.
Here are year's end pictures and this will be the last post before January 1, 2014! Just hoping the blog is stable now and doesn't disappear again!

Thanks to all who keep coming by to visit - Have a Happy, Well, and Blessed New Year!! God bless you all!

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