Wednesday, January 08, 2014


The cold snap seems to be over; however, the forecast is for something else - rain tomorrow and high of 46. North Face boots - absolutely great! The top turns down for a knit cuff, but I wore them up, all day, inside and outside. 

Dentist visit over - another one down, rather two, but counting as one: two fillings side-by-side. Small. It took about 45 minutes to get the injection (carbo something) and my anxiety quelled and two or three trips to the bathroom, before my heart slowed back to normal. It's not actually the dental work itself, it's the injection - the medication - nauseated and heart racing. And it's NOT epinephrine! Oh, well. But my plan seems to be taking shape on what to do about the other work. Visit to oral surgeon and orthodontist (yes, didn't we just do this 25 years ago?). It's a question of implants, bridging a gap or an actual bridge. Not something I have to do tomorrow, but the top front tooth is gonna have to have work first. It's just waiting to attack me. Ah, but my pretty filled teeth that are nice and filled and white.

Just Do It!

After we got home I napped. That's the best nap - on the couch, still with a small stream of medication flowing through my veins, relaxed; and this just from a tooth filling. Mama always slept best on her couch. Maybe it was the height of the arm rest for her pillow, or the back support. Hamburgers for mid-afternoon dinner. 

There's a tree alongside the shoulder of the highway (72 traveling west is best view) and we stopped to take a picture of it today - it's the Shoe Tree. I've seen it many times, and many photos, but finally took my own (Paul actually wanted to stop to take a picture!). We were near enough to see that some people who throw their old shoes over the branches write something on them. I told him he should bring his old shoes and throw over, but he's already thrown them away.

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